The Legend of Korra IGN's New York Comic Con Meet & Greet Preview

The Legend of Korra is turning out to be a fantastic game

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Oct 2014

Since it was first announced in June many fans and gamers was skeptical whether The Legend of Korra video game would capture the experience of playing as the Avatar. Today at IGN’s New York Comic-Con Meet & Greet I can now honestly say that The Legend of Korra is turning out to be a fantastic game. The precise controls and intense action that Platinum Games is known for have been coupled with the incredible world of The Legend of Korra into a fantastic game for fans and gamers alike.

Developed by Platinum Games, the studio behind Vanquish, Metal Gear: Revengeance, and The Wonderful 101, and published Activision The Legend of Korra is a third-person beat ‘em up video game based on the animated series. The demo shown at the event had players taking control of Korra in three different arenas. The first was focused on combat with various enemy types, the second a one-rail segment where Korra rides Naga through the streets of Republic City, and finally a boss fight with an Equalists mech. 

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In the first area of the demo player’s control Korra as she travels from one area to the next facing against various benders and non-benders. Each adversary has their own specific attacks that Korra can easily adapt against. Do enough damage and choose to eliminated your target with a cinematic final blow with the element of your choice. Similar to Metal Gear the goal is for the player to wait for an opening in their enemy’s defense and strike quickly without leaving yourself open for attack. Using your elemental attacks properly will not only yield success but a gold rating also.

Like the television Korra can control and bend all four elements, each one of these fighting styles offer different tactical advantages. Air can deliver quick strikes and large area attacks, earth sacrifices speed for strength, fire allows for quick attacks on multiple targets, and water can freeze targets. Controlling Korra and switching between the elements is easy, and once you become accustomed to each element get ready to do some incredible combos. Korra can also focus her chi to perform even more powerful attacks with each element.

The second part of the demo featured Korra’s polar bear dog Naga. In this on-rail runner Naga travels through the streets of Republic City, avoiding obstacles and collecting light energy, leaping over massive gaps and sliding under construction barriers. With the help of Korra Naga can jump higher using earth bending, protected themselves from one lethal dose of damage using a water bending shield, and attack using fire: air unfortunately wasn’t shown in the demo. The last boss fight against the Equalists mech was an excellent chance to put Korra’s abilities to the test. Despite its large size and powerful move set the giant robot can easily be defeated by Korra. 

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During the demo I was able to speak to producer Robert Conkey about The Legend of Korra who explained the harder difficulties that will become available after beating the game. For those seeking a challenge the harder difficulties will have alternative enemies that differ in each playthrough. This will force the player to micro-manage their inventory of health items and combat abilities to survive the difficult challenges. He also added that a hidden easter egg is located in the game that will add an enemy with infinite health that players can use to practice their moves on and perform insane combos with proper practice.

It’s a shame that the demo didn’t show any new information about the story or the ability to play the pro-bending mode. With book 4 recently started and the video game taking place between the events of book 2 and 3 it would’ve ideal to see new information about the story now that Korra’s journey is almost over. Plus who doesn't want to play as Mako or Bolin!?

The Legend of Korra video game will release on October 21 on the Sony Entertainment Network and PC, and October 22 on Xbox Live. Those who complete the game will see a special screen, who or what will appear is still a mystery.

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