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Small changes to Code Vein made the game feel much more polished than before

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Jun 2019

Code Vein has been a long time coming. For fans of anime and Dark Souls, this seemed like the best answer to fill that void left behind by FromSoftware. Developer Shift and Bandai Namco have provided demos in the past and not much has changed since then with the demo I experienced at E3 2019. However, small changes have been implemented that made the game feel much more polished than before.

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The demo is all about the gameplay, and those who've played games from FromSoftware will instantly be at home. Players are required to kill various enemies, that respawn when you activate a save point, that can just as easily kill the player as you them. Unlike FromSoftware's titles, Code Vein provides you with an optional ally to fight alongside. Each one of the allies has their own strengths and weaknesses such as Mia focusing on long-range and Louis more of a melee fighter. I stuck to Io since I've never experienced her partnership.

The demo area was similar to the one featured in NYCC 2017 but the gameplay felt a bit more grounded. I complained that characters felt a bit too floaty in a previous impression but here the avatars have a bit more weight. Because of this I moved easier and didn't have to worry as much about falling off the level.

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The demo was easier than past ones but this was because Bandai Namco provided a stronger version of the character than in previous demos. Despite this handicap, the demo was still challenging, especially with the boss level. Bosses do not show any mercy, they will target you and your ally equally. At times the boss would switch targets when I was healing or my partner attempting to line up a critical hit.

While the demo didn't provide much in terms of new content I was thoroughly happy what I played. Regardless if you're facing a normal enemy or a boss, anything can kill you with ease. This level of tension means you have to take each encounter seriously and if you want that added challenge, going it alone is always an option.

Code Vein is now set to launch in September 2019, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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