DogFight Play NYC Hands-On Preview

Despite the cartoonist design DogFight still has the appealing arcade aerial warfare.

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Aug 2019

Developer Petricore decided to take aerial combat, better known as dog fighting, to the next level. Using actual dogs in aerial combat. Called DogFight this game gives fans who enjoyed arcade dogfighting titles such as Crimson Skies a more kid-friendly version of aerial combat. But remaining loyal to the intense gameplay that comes with great airborne warfare.


DogFight has players choosing from a variety of breeds, each with their own attributes, and face off in airborne warfare. With weapons designed after dog-themed items such as machine guns that shoot tennis balls and heat-seeking frisbees.

The selection in the demo was limited but the gameplay was solid. With the title having easy to understand controls and aiming. Pulling off a maneuver with the tap of a button but evading enemy players is anything but easy.

DogFight may feature kid-friendly graphics but the game can become suddenly intense. With players constantly hunting one another down to either steal an easy kill or take out the top player.


Graphically the game was appealing. The cel-shaded visuals were definitely appealing to look at. With the environment, planes, and dogs having a high-quality cel-shaded treatment. Complete with the cartoonish number indicators when you land a hit.

DogFight is looking to become an appealing aerial combat title. Despite the cartoonish design it still has the arcade appeal of aerial warfare.

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Petricore
Developer(s): Petricore
Genres: Vehicular Combat
Themes: Combat
Release Date: 2020

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