Swimsanity! Play NYC Hands-On Preview

Swimsanity! has a lot of positive things going for it and players won't have to wait long to dive into its oceanic realm.

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Aug 2019

Swimsanity! places the player into the depths of the sea, either alone or with friends, and expected to persevere. Whether it's facing off against large aquatic creatures in the game's extensive campaign or taking on other divers in the competitive arena, Swimsanity! keeps rewarding the player with new unlocks. We had the chance to try Swimsanity! at Play NYC and can out impressed with the game's intense underwater combat.

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Swimsanity! boasts an array of competitive and cooperative options that we were able to try. The competitive field has players taking on other players in traditional deathmatch, team deathmatch, and other competitive modes. The cooperative mode had players surviving against waves of increasingly harder enemies. With players required to work together by providing special talents to each class in Swimsanity!.

I was able to play a stage within the campaign that was just as challenging. The on-rails level had me and my partner attempting to navigate obstacles while fending off enemies. With each section increasing the trial. You can take the levels on solo or with a team of 4 but challenges often require the player to take on harder tests. Such as completing stages alone.

The game's art style does offer that traditional cartoonish look. With Looney Tune-like enemies and anime-like flashes of color when you trigger an ultimate move. It's all very well designed and works to complement the tone of the game.

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Swimsanity! has a lot of positive things going for it and players won't have to wait long to dive into its oceanic realm. With the developer Decoy Games set to release it this Summer 2019. And judging from the massive crowds at Play NYC, lots of people are already excited about this.

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Decoy Games
Developer(s): Decoy Games
Genres: Multiplayer
Themes: Swimming
Release Date: 2019

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