Seed of Agony PC Preview

Grow an army of demons and take on various worlds

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Sep 2021

Procedural generation offers a lot of diverse challenges as the player has to properly adapt to what is presented. Games like Dead Cells, Minecraft, and No Man's Sky use this to keep playthroughs so fresh that gamers keep coming back. Seed of Agony is seeking to accomplish this with players growing an army of demons aboard a living ship while transversing a galaxy.

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The concept is simple, using the demons you recruit you'll salvage resources from various worlds and build up your ship. The goal is to feed the Seed of Agony long enough so a Colony Seed can manifest, expanding the demonic Empire. Each demon can be equipped with gear but taking that demon on the planet means risking its life. If it dies, that's it and you lose everything you invested into that demon.

Levels are generated but have a specific theme so players can plan ahead. Adding to the calamity are set dungeons, which are rare areas that can spawn into the planet and host a unique boss fight.

The demo I played was a very early access build. The combat was basic and mobility was fine, with the demon able to use an array of weapons and mine resources from the planet. With items highlighted through a scanning process. This doesn't mean you can remain on the planet forever as time is limited and your inventory is finite. It's all about building the best arsenal from what you gather and how to manage it correctly.

As I stated the demo build was glitchy and I ran into a major bug when encountering a boss. Given this was an early build it was impressive how much was playable and given air it could lead to some interesting speed runs. Especially given the randomness of each area and the chance of something rare.

You can wishlist Seed of Agony right now on Steam and check out the project for yourself.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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