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FIFA 23 will be enjoyable for players of all experience levels, including those following the game since its inception and others just discovering it now.

By Rayan, Posted 25 Jul 2022

It's customary that sports simulation will have their yearly releases, and EA will definitely not miss their part in this. FIFA 23, the latest installment in EA's iconic FIFA football series, has made plenty of promises with its introduction. EA is going out on a high note with its last game to bear the FIFA trademark by promising that the game would be the most integrated, engaging, innovative, and finest edition ever. FIFA 23 holds an incredible number of 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums, and more than 30 leagues for players to spend hours experiencing such a degree of detail.

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Since FIFA 23 will support crossplay 1-v-1 modes across platforms, EA is introducing new features to the series. These features can be found throughout the game, including the career mode, where players choose a variety of selections. This installment of FIFA is taking things to the next level and demonstrating EA's progression with the franchise. It has improved physics and visuals, as well as, for the first time, the incorporation of women's club football and a women's FIFA World Cup.

Attempting to make FIFA 23 the most authentic game in the series' history is one of the primary goals of development for FIFA 23. To accomplish this goal, EA has improved the functionality of their HyperMotion 2 motion capture technology so that players seem to have a greater degree of lifelikeness than in previous versions. The game has nearly 6,000 real-life match capture animations to make the gameplay look as realistic as possible. These gameplay improvements have been made to make players' run, kick, and block motions will be much more lifelike to real-life football videogame.

FIFA 23, Preview, Football, Soccer, Simulation, Players, NoobFeed

EA showcased several elements that would not have been achievable without this cutting-edge technology. Augmented reality live replays are included in FIFA 23, which contribute to the game's increased sense of immersion. Additionally, the surroundings have been improved with features like hyper-realistic pitch surfaces, an improved stadium ambiance, and the series' most extensive collection of fan shouts and motions, among other additions.

In addition, both players and the gameplay are improved, and a more accurate simulation of the underlying physics can now be found throughout the game. The female players and their newly genuine motions are a good example that directly demonstrates the potential of HyperMotion 2's features.

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Another objective is to ensure that the gameplay of FIFA 23 permits even more interaction from the players. The new mechanics allow players complete control over moving, scoring, and passing the ball. A new skill-based risk-reward shooting mechanics, as well as more simple free kicks, penalties, and corner shots, are some of the modifications that have been made. These enhancements provide an additional layer of complexity to the game and a higher degree of control over the action. This is made possible by a more realistic physics engine.

In FIFA 23, various game modes are available, allowing players to put the game's graphical and technical enhancements through their paces. One of these game types is called FUT Moments, and it will enable the player to assemble their own team using a redesigned Chemistry System and a collection of new ICONS, FUT Heroes, or any player they can think of. This revised version of an old gameplay feature adds more room for personal expression and exploration to an already open-ended game.

FIFA 23, Preview, Football, Soccer, Simulation, Stadium, NoobFeed

Players just starting the FIFA series will find the recently introduced Training Center an excellent resource. It comes with many tasks and chapters, each specifically designed to instruct newer players on the foundations of gaming and help them develop their skills. At the same time, players will be able to follow all of the actions from the upcoming FIFA World Cups, including the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women's World Cup Australia.

Furthermore, new modes have been included in FIFA 23, such as Pro Clubs, Volta Football, and Career Mode. There are various new options for personalization, Drop-In upgrades, and more benefits available in Pro Club mode. Volta Football allows you to show off your Avatar in improved Volta arcades with your friends and community, giving the game even more style points.

The Career Mode remains somewhat similar to the previous entry, where a player can build a personal player or take charge of some of the most famous athletes and play through a whole season. Additionally, EA introduces brand new gameplay highlights that players can experience for the first time in the FIFA series.


The crossplay will allow players to compete against friends playing on the same generation platform in 1v1 scenarios. These varied competitive play formats will be found in FIFA Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, and many more online modes.  FIFA 23 will be enjoyable for players of all experience levels, including those following the game since its inception and others just discovering it now. Stay tuned to NoobFeed as we look forward to publishing our review on the game after it releases, as I personally look forward to playing it myself.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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