The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 - No Going Back

Everything Clementine choice was because of you, and at the end of No Going Back she will truly be your Clementine

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Aug 2014

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 - No Going Back pushes the remaining survivors to their absolute limits. Unlike season one's bang, No Going Back ends with a whimper. Heartbreaking moments combined with desperation had me on the edge of my seat, pushing me to look past most of the flaws. At the end of No Going Back you'll truly feel that this Clementine is yours, and no one else's.

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A number of aspects bothered me in No Going Back and continued to annoy me after finishing. You’ll see the group make decisions that defy logic, it’s clear that a lot of these choices were intentionally written into the story to incite conflict. The standoff at the end of Amid the Ruins had Clementine and her group surrounded by Russians armed with superior weapons, yet they somehow survived. Afterwards when the team entered a new, tense conflict, having to decide  what to do with the remaining survivor. 

The personas of the group are fickle. Despite building a strong relationship with a character, they can turn on Clementine due to one decision. Shockingly, no option allowing Clementine to defend herself exists in these situations. In the past Clementine was given the option to respond with cold or defensive answers, but in No Going Back she becomes a sponge, absorbing the anger from everyone else and she's singled out to resolve every issue herself.

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No Going Back still has a strong story. Clementine remains the glue that keeps the group together, taking on difficult responsibilities that others avoid. A campfire scene at an abandoned power station is one of the best moments of the season, giving the group a chance to leave their precarious lives behind for a moment of solidarity. Each one of them trying to focus on life instead of surviving, reminiscing about past accomplishments and the future they never had.

These peaceful moments build incredible tension leaving players wondering where the next problem will arise from. Not only are walkers and bandits a constant danger, but anyone within the group itself poses a threat, making others uneasy, not knowing how each character will react to a certain situation. Everyone is already on edge, and the group is one bad decision from crumbling, unless Clementine keeps them together.

The rising tension and difficult journey concludes with one final showdown that forces Clementine to make another life-shattering decision. Your choices during the final moments of No Going Back have a tremendous impact on how the episode ends.

No Going Back remains satisfying despite it not having the same emotional impact as season one's conclusion. The various endings and questionable actions of the remaining survivors creates a messy ending. Still, looking back on all of the decisions, characters and settings, this was truly an exhausting journey for Clementine. Everything Clementine choose was because of you, and at the end of No Going Back she will truly be your Clementine.

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