Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3

Episode three does more to propel the story forward and ends once again with an interesting ending that will have players clamoring for the final episode

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Mar 2015

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has attempted to combine traditional Resident Evil gameplay mechanics with modern action gameplay, and so far it has been adequate. Episode three takes a leap forward by introducing new background information on the characters, and with a partner, players must organically work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Those invested in Revelations 2 will find that episode three has a lot to offer with the development of the story and its gameplay.

Beginning after the events of episode two, episode three revives traditional Resident Evil style puzzles, finding the key for one door leads to finding multiple keys for other doors. Claire and Moira once again start things off, attempting to find their ally, Neil, while wandering a derelict meat processing plant. At the same time Barry and Natalia are still searching for the pair while avoiding the Overseer’s minions in an abandoned mine. It’s here that players will have to contend with the infected inhabitants of the island while solving puzzles that fans of the franchise will instantly recognize.

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However familiar, these puzzles are no easy feat. For example, Claire and Moira must get into the office of a factory manager to retrieve one of two key items, but to do so must get past an eye scanner, unlocked only by artificial eye. Things get more complicated as the player confronts a series of smaller puzzles, each with clever solutions that sometimes require specific skills and tools unique to either Claire or Moira. Moreover, new infected morph when killed, making things even trickier since these creatures explode when they come too close or take damage. Whereas past episodes had players focusing on item management and precise aiming, episode three has the player slowing down for a more traditional survival-horror experience.

What episode three does better than the first two episodes is in character development. Here players are treated to dialogue that helps explain the difficult relationship between Moira and Barry, as well as an unveiling of a different side of Claire that’s more relatable. No longer are we left in the dark, wondering why Moira hates Barry. We no longer must endure Claire’s stoic attitude, but instead we’re treated to answers to our speculations. The developers have also found a way to incorporate this into the gameplay.

In several instances both set of characters have to work together to overcome difficulties that neither could survive on their own. For the past two episode Moira felt more like a forced addition, adding little and always getting in the way. In episode three Claire ends up in a precarious situation that only Moira can save her. Barry must do his best to protect his partner while Natalia opens locked doors while she remains vulnerable.

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In past episodes Natalia and Barry’s relationship was spontaneous, never feeling forced as both characters needed one another to survive, whereas Claire and Moira’s friendship was mandatory. In one situation Claire is faced with impossible odds and must rely on Moira to overcome a traumatic memory to save her friend. Barry and Natalia maintain this sense of partnership by forcing both into separate paths.

Episode three does more to propel the story forward and ends once again with an interesting ending that will have players clamoring for the final episode. The biggest improvement to the current episode is that player’s will appreciate their partner more, especially Moira, as you work together to keep each other safe. Hopefully the final episode will deliver a satisfying ending that confirm a worthwhile journey, but for now, episode three is the best Revelation’s episode.

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