Minecraft: Story mode Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery is a thrilling tale that ends with a whimper

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Jun 2016

Jesse and his friends have come a long way since the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode. From an optimistic fan to a leader of heroes Jesse has accomplished many incredible feats in the last 5 episodes: reuniting the Order of the Stone, defeating the Whether Storm, and traveling to another world. Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery has Jesse and his friends attempting to return home only to find themselves in another world, this time filled with new challenges, treasures, and YouTubers.

Episode 6 has Jesse and his friends dumped into a new world after passing through a another portal. At first everything seems normal until the gang sees two moons in the sky, followed by a horde of zombies ready to make mincemeat of Jesse and his friends. Fleeing to a nearby mansion, after finding a note inviting them to it, Jesse and his friends find himself in the company of other invited guests of an unknown host; he has offered everyone within the mansion sanctuary from the horde outside. However things are not what it seems as the host, calling himself The White Pumpkin, desires a rare treasure that one of the invited guest has and is willing to kill to get it. Jesse must find the killer and save everyone from the killer.

The entire episode plays like a murder mystery, with Jesse as the lead detective. Unlike pass episodes, which were populated with a original cast of characters, this time around you’ll talk to popular YouTubers. Personally I wasn’t familiar with any of these YouTubers and was lost for most of the episode, its clear that knowledge of these people is necessary to fully appreciate the episode. 

What had me hooked was seeing the tale unfold. Discovering clues, catching lies, and linking together evidence made me feel like a real detective. It’s a shame that towards the end all the answers are given to you, feeling like all the previous work was for nothing, but towards the end Telltale still found a way to surprise me. The White Pumpkin is a thrilling antagonist, hunting down each of the guests inside his home by using traps and psychological warfare. It’s a refreshing take from the other episodes, focusing on a new theme I didn’t expect from a children’s game. 

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Difficult decisions are still present here but unlike past episodes they feel less impactful. Some have you deciding on who to accuse and helping to save someone’s life, however most of these are focused on the new cast instead of Jesse and his friends. It seemed like I could do and say anything without any consequences outside this episode especially at the end. Episode 6 finishes with a poor conclusion that settles everything within this episode but doesn’t hint at anything for the next one. 

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery is a thrilling tale that ends with a whimper. The allure of seeing popular YouTubers won’t appeal to anyone outside from their fan circle but the narrative is excellent. Uncovering The White Pumpkin’s identity while attempting to save everyone kept me hooked. The episode doesn’t leave with much information for what the future holds for Jesse and his friends but after Episode 6 I wonder what new risk Telltale will take with this franchise. After Episode 6 I cannot wait to play the next Episode 7!

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