Manhunt it's hard, but it's a great challenge. If you're up for a serious test and have a strong stomach, go for it.

By canana, Posted 19 Jul 2009

Set in Carcer City, the story commences with a female journalist reporting on the prisoner James Earl Cash, a lawless on death row who has apparently been put to death by lethal injection. Cash is awoken to the voice of a person coming from an earphone, manifesting that Cash was only quieted. Cash puts on the earpiece and the person, who refers to himself as "the Director", indicates Cash his freedom before the night is over, but only if Cash follows the Director's instructions.

The game consists of twenty levels, and four bonus levels that can be unlocked; the levels are applied to as "Scenes". You survive the Scenes by executing enemy groups and "Hunters", on occasion with firearms but basically by clandestinely killing them in bloody unusual ways.The rating at the end of each level is principally influenced by the gruesomeness of the execution.

Manhunt Review

Executions are appointed in order to gain a higher score, thus stimulating players to play as viscerally as possible.The game's areas are full of 'dark spots' and shadows where the player can hide while being pursued by the Hunters; hiding in these dark areas makes the player almost unseen.Over the path of the game, the player uses a large diversity of weapons, ranging from plastic bags, baseball bats, crowbars and all sorts of bladed items to firearms later on in the game. If you are running out of health, painkillers can be found which restore health. You can strike walls or throw items such as bottles, cans, bricks and severed heads to make noise to confuse Hunters.

The gameplay is based in stealth elements. Cash is relentlessly outnumbered and absolutely outgunned in every level, so he must hide in the shadows until the time is right to sneak up behind somebody and neutralize them. Cash starts with nothing, but using a text-based set of goals, you learn how to use shadows to take cover. There isn't any realism to these safe zones; an enemy can remain inches from your face and not see you. However, they function as part of the game's stealth system, and they work.The learning process is pretty daunting at first. Players have to handle the mechanic, learn the landscape of the levels and recognize the gang's behavior.

The game's difficulty level progresses with a brilliant sense of pacing and control. Players start with several levels of one-offs and melee weapons. The game then offers a handful of practically pure gun levels, and in the last five levels it really opens up to both stealth and gun combat. It's at these instants that Manhunt is at its best. Players are experienced enough to use either kind of weapon, the AI is elevated, and its' just a matter of how you apply your skills.The game does test your patience. It's hard. You may spend a couple of minutes just hiding or searching areas to run to. You'll die a lot, and you'll have to replay most levels many, many times.

While some visuals appear similar to other Rockstar games (such as the weapons in GTA and the Pain Killers in Max Payne), enough elements confused it to make an effect. The most notable of them are the character models. Cash himself is a inveterate, weather-beaten man, with a thick eyebrow and redness facial structure. However, he's unique looking. The gang members, however, are noticeable. Whether it's the Mohawks, facial paint, masks, bags over their faces, or the War Dogs' bushmen covered in camouflage, the adversaries are both fascinating looking in character design and in texture work.The backgrounds are less detailed and extravagant than the character models, so there is nothing extraordinary about their polygonal make up or their textures. However, the entire game is dark, which masks out the simple texture work. To be fair, Rockstar North did an excellent job with its color palette using minor effects to create a great sense of decomposition and gravel.

Manhunt Review

The music is excellent. Mostly ambient, the music responds to your situation. If you're safe, it's lower key, if the gangs are alerted to your presence, it cranks up a bit. If you are spotted, all goes down. Even better is when Cash hides in a safe zone.The sound of his heartbeat jumps up high, which in turn rises those moments of apprehensive waiting.

Manhunt is a solid experience for gamers wishing for a hardcore, challenging game . The level of difficulty evolves gradually from basic stealth fundamentals to tactical guerrilla warfare with melee weapons. It's hard, but it's a great challenge. If you're up for a serious test and have a strong stomach, go for it.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • If you want a small bonus, click here.

    Posted Jul 19, 2009
  • I never got past the Zoo bit on Manhunt.  I think it was a Zoo any way.

    Posted Jul 20, 2009
  • Loved this game, not for its graphics but mainly for the scenario, the plot and the spookiest atmosphere I've ever seen in a game. Don't play this game at 3am, with lights off and headphones...

    @ canana : Scolari is back :P

    Posted Jul 20, 2009
  • avatar RON

    Manhunt gave me real hard time and I felt relieved after finishing it. A very solid game that can shiver any brave soul with its scenarios.

    @Ilias: LOL. Good suggestion.

    Posted Jul 21, 2009
  • I remember watching the video review a few months ago. Never played this game but it looks...interesting.

    Posted Jul 22, 2009
  • This is NOT my type of game to play.

    Posted Jul 23, 2009


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