Time Travel Tigers Review

The stunning design of the Time Travel Tigers will definitely capture your attention.

By Psylocke, Posted 31 Mar 2020

Hop on the time machine and join Dr Tigerstein on his journey to the past or future in Yggdrasil’s Time Travel Tigers.

Discover the details of Dr Tigerstein’s time machine before you set foot on it and zoom through time. Familiarize yourself with the symbols that you will find in the doctor’s lair lair and collect them to begin your adventure and obtain €388,000!

Time Travel Tigers, Review

Paylines and RTP

Dr Tigerstein will welcome you in his lair and present you his 5-reel time machine containing peculiar objects. The 25 paylines will give you numerous opportunities to match symbols and form winning combinations. Don’t worry about losing because the 96.3% RTP gives you a high possibility of bringing home massive payouts!


Objects which Dr Tigerstein found on his travels can be found in the time machine. These objects can be found in different time periods that the doctor has visited. You can find them during the Egyptian, Medieval, Prehistoric, and the Future time periods. The objects on the reels also include vials containing fluid formulas.

Shapes Symbols

You will come across shapes that function as low paying symbols on the reels. These symbols can appear as Red Heart, Blue Spade, Green Clover, and Orange Diamond. They are presented as vials with fluids inside which are needed to run the time machine. Though these symbols are considered low paying, they play an important role in every winning combination because they’re the tools that will make the time machine run.

High-Paying Symbols

Objects from Dr Tigerstein’s adventure function as high paying symbols that can reward you with big payouts when you spot them on the reels. You will find symbols such as Futuristic Gun, Alchemist’s Potion, Medieval Shield, Sarcophagus, and a Hammerstone. These objects are Dr Tigerstein’s souvenirs from his adventures in different eras. Collecting them can reward you with up to 150x your stake!

Free Spins Feature

Bring your history books with you because you will be zapped into different eras during the Free Spins features. To activate it, you must land 3 or more Free Spin symbols. Each free spin mode has a different time period and location that gives unique rewards that you have never seen before!

The list below shows each mode’s unique feature and rewards:

- Egyptian Era Mode

Travel to Egypt and unlock the Egyptian Era Mode to receive 6 up to 18 free spins. You will be given 1 - 20 diagonal wilds on every spin plus a 4x multiplier! Watch Dr Tigerstein dress as a Pharaoh during this mode.

- Medieval Era Mode

Travel back to the time when people wore gowns and capes in the Medieval Era Mode. Unlocking this feature can reward you with 7 to 21 free spins, 4 - 20 cluster wilds, and a 3x multiplier on every winning spin!

- Prehistoric Era Mode

Set the time machine to the prehistoric period and experience the hunting lifestyle of early humans on Earth. Receive 5 to 15 free spins with 1 - 20 adjacent wilds and a 5x multiplier on every spin during this mode.

- Future Era Mode

Jump to the future and see the world’s transformation yourself during the Future Era mode. When you arrive in the future, you can receive 12 up to 36 free spins with 1 - 20 random wilds and a 2x multiplier. Receiving these rewards will definitely make your journey to the future worth it.

Theme and Display

Yggdrasil brought the A-game with their concept of a time-travelling tiger and different time period features. The unique ideas and stunning graphics of the game lives up to Yggdrasil’s reputation. They always bring something new and fresh to the table that will make every player engrossed in their games.

You will be welcomed in Dr Tigerstein’s lair where you will immediately spot his ginormous time machine in the middle of the room. Let your eyes wander on the wooden structures of the place. Two sets of stairs on either side of the reels will lead you to floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the starry night. Blue light illuminates from the windows that give an ominous glow to the dimly-lit room.

The stunning design of the game will definitely capture your attention. The details of the time machine will give you an idea that Dr Tigerstein put a lot of effort to create his masterpiece. Light bulbs adorn the wood that supports the reels and a big clock can be seen from the top.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the time machine and travel to different periods now!


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