Review #6: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

By JPower, Posted 04 Nov 2009

I decided since pokemon Diamond and Pearl aren't any different except for the Legendary you catch at the top of Mount Coronet

I have created my own Questions that I will answer myself

Q.What are your thoughts on the game?

A.My thoughts on the game are that they are great games and are at the same time the same as all the others except for Pokemon Emerald and Platinum since they both have a different Fight area then Diamond and Pearl.

Q.What are your favorite features on the game?

A.My favorite features are being able to connect to the internet and be able to trade pokemon with everyone around the world

Q.What do you think of the new attacks in the game like Rock Wrecker?

A.I say the moves are very good they give you a good look at the difference between the rest of the pokemon games

OVERALL: These games are top notch games


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