Modern Warfare 2

By nerdboy, Posted 24 Dec 2009

It's easily the most popular game of the year and will be one of the most played online games of recent memory.  Infinity Ward has a hit with the original Modern Warfare and they took things to the next level with Modern Warfare 2.  From the campaign to multiplayer.  Modern Warfare 2 is straight up a must own game for anyone looking for a great multiplayer game. 


I'll admit, I'm not the biggest FPS fan in the world.  Heck I hardly even play multiplayer in games.  Luckily the single player for Modern Warfare 2 wasn't thrown to the side.  The big moment from the original modern warfare that most people remember is when the nuke went off.  It's probably one of the most memorable moments in any game in recent memory.  In MW2 Infinity Ward seemed like they were trying to take that scene to a new level....every single mission.  From the beginning to the end the game is filled with huge set pieces and quite a few moments where I felt like IW was trying to shock me and make me feel sadness towards certain characters and events.  While there is no doubt that scenes like the now infamous "No Russian" or scenes where you see Washington DC up in flames are definitely filled with some pretty heft material I never really felt engrossed in what was happening.  Occassionally I did think about what would happen is this really did happen but nothing more than that.  The story while good, never really grabbed me in such a way that I think IW intended.  When characters died or major events happened I wasn't suddenly overcome with sadness like I feel was probably intended.


That's not to say the single player is bad however.  There are some rediculously fun scenes to play through while the main components of gameplay stick to the Modern Warfare formula there are a few things changed up to keep things fresh.  In other words, this is basically how first person shooters SHOULD be.


Graphically the game is gorgeous.  While it doesn't improve a LOT over Modern Warfare it does show a decent amount of improvement.  In particular the snow levels in MW2 look brilliant as well the cutscenes between missions not only are extremely well done but just really great to look at.


Besides multiplayer MW2 also has a Spec Ops mode and of course Multiplayer.  Spec Ops is MW2's co-op mode.  You'll play through many different locations from the single player as you carry out a different set of missions.  Once completing a mission you'll recieve a certain number of stars depending on what difficulty you chose.  Spec Ops is a great mode if you're looking to hook up with a couple of buddies online. 


Multiplayer in MW2 is what everyone came for and it's what everyone expected.  While following on a basis the same formula of the original MW it has it's share of improvements.  Perhaps being able to fire off your very own nuke if you get the right kill streak is good enough for you?  In a nutshell MW2's multiplayer is exactly what you'd come to expect and will certainly be THE game to play online until the eventual MW3 comes out. 


As someone who isn't a huge FPS fan I did enjoy MW2 from beginning to end.  While there were some moments that I didn't necessarily enjoy I will remember MW2 for having many many crazy moments throughout your journey.  From the terrorist attack to watching as Washington DC is attacked MW2 really steps it up to the next level and delivers a truly great sequel.

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