Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake

Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake on PSP is a fistful of fun!

By Daavpuke, Posted 26 Sep 2010

Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake is one of the bigger campaigns, regarding Sony's attempt to revitalize their handheld system. After a successful release for PS3, a new strategy game was created for PSP, with an updated campaign, maps and so forth.

Anyway, as you might've guessed, the game revolves around a robust princess and her surroundings. In the single-player campaign, you'll get to know the entire legend of said girl and why she became so round. You'll learn all about the accursed cake and the troubles in the land because of it. Each chapter comically utters a new challenge and will serve as a form of extensive tutorial for the game.

The narration of the legend is superbly done by Tom Kane, whose voice was also used in games for characters such as Yoda, Professor Utonium, James Gordon or even Boba Fett. This alone seamlessly strings the campaign together and therefore you'll complete it in no time. After a good 5 hours or so, you'll reach your fairytale ending, so this game might as well offer a lot more content!

Luckily, gameplay revolves around single round skirmishes, so it's a lot more accessible to just pick up and play a quick round. Even though the AI is abysmal, you'll still enjoy the many types of games you can choose from. From capture the flag (CTF) to deathmatch to many other modes, there is enough to keep you coming back for more. There is even an Arena where you can play Gladiator and fend off hordes and waves of foes. Hell, there's even a strange form of soccer, with bombs and all! But almost all other modes pit 2 teams against each other, in conquest of victory for their colors.

Playing a match usually consists of feeding your princess cake to fatten her up, so she can't be hauled off by the enemy. This is a nice twist to customary CTF games and adds a layer, or better yet, a slice of gameplay to the (cake) mix. There are a lot of maps to choose from and most are unique and well-constructed. In addition, you have 6 different  cIasses to protect your matriarch from the foul enemy's attacks. Warriors, archers, mages and priests are fairly self-explanatory and all originate from the common villager.

By picking up a hat from the correct hat machine, you change to the respective class of your choice. Each has his own advantages, but the handiest unit and backbone of your mini-society is, as always, the worker. This guy can mine resources and upgrade your hat machines to better your classes. He can also create platforms, ladders and other things to aid your army in conquest. It's strange, but I spent most of my time making sure my side is managed properly with a worker. After that, the warrior offers the strongest gameplay, with a crushing attack and high health, but all characters have their charm.

That can also be credited by the nice cel-shaded graphics that splatter from your screen, just like all the gore in the game. With vibrant colors and quirky characters, every game turns into a strange, but oh so cute massacre field. Blood flying around, bombs going off and heads being shortened; it all sounds awful, yet looks so charming at the same time. The high pitched voices and zany sound effects amplify this even more. The classical soundtrack behind it also fits the medieval mood; even when graphics aren't as bleak as a medieval land should be, but it is fantasy after all.

The multiplayer experience though is where the game truly shines. As it can ditch the dumb AI, it creates an additional coat to this thick layer cake. Playing against others will require you to stay on your toes a lot more and adjust your tactics. Here, more than elsewhere, it's important you manage your side well, as to gain the upper-hand quickly. If there are insufficient players, your side will get added with AI, to even things out. Admitted; even yours truly caved in to the glory of online play for once and still enjoys it to this day. So get some friends together and watch the inhumane hilarity ensue.

In conclusion, the only real issue is the stupidity of the computer, which might be a large problem when you think about it. However, this is neither a game breaking experience, nor an unavoidable trait for this otherwise brilliant game. The PS3 might have a better version, but that's like comparing a pear to  a 17 pound, chocolate cake.

In its own merit, Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake on PSP is a fistful of fun and a game recommended to any player out for a good time. Online fanatics will love this game, but so will casual strategists or just anyone out for a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's very accessible to any taste and might put a smile on that face of yours for hours to come. To top it off with some cherries, the retail price is also user friendly, as it isn't priced like a full game would be. So there's really no reason for you not to check this damsel out.

Fat chicks need some loving too, you know.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • This games scares me as much as ever :P. Although it's nice to see developer thinking outside the box.

    Posted Oct 12, 2010


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