Splinter Cell Conviction

By Cian, Posted 12 Nov 2010

The new splinter cell has done what double agent couldn't deliver on a well told story stealth based game.Sam fisher has returned once more to do a  personal mission to find the truth on who killed his wife and daughter.The character of Sam Fisher is voiced by actor Michael Ironside which isn't bad but if only they could sync it better.

In this splinter cell you have four modes- story,co-op
campaign,multilayer and deniable ops.

Co-op now returns to the splinter cell series,in this splinter cell
with a two player campaign ( prolouge) on either system link,split screen or over
xbox live or you can go for  a Deniable Ops mode.

 Deniable Ops mode involves 4 multiplayer modes that pit the players against AI in game modes such as Hunter, Infiltration, Last Stand, and Face-Off. Face-Off is the game's only actual competitive multiplayer mode, as it features the ability to kill the opposing spy. Hunter, Infiltration, and Last Stand are also singleplayer and do not always have to be played with a human partner.
 The game does not contain the critically-acclaimed "Spies Vs Mercenaries" mode featured in the splinter cell double agent ( as that was the only good thing about the DA game)

In past splinter cell game,you could guess if you are seen or not or
by a light sensor,in this game the screen will go black and white when
you are in darkness and in to colour if you are in the light.

If in the event you are seen there would be a white circle in the
direction in which you were seen as a warning and it will go red when
you have been spotted -if you move to a different cover the enemies
will shoot in your last know position (which will been shown as a black
and white shadow.

Splinter Cell: Conviction released weekly DLC every Thursday for free through the in-game "Extras" menu from the main menu . It was available starting the first week of release, and is unclear how long it will continue. The free content included new weapons, gadgets, multiplayer skins and Deniable Ops maps. 


as you can see I'm not that good with review - i did notice that I forgot to add the story and the Mark and Execute gameplay - when i did write the review a good while ago- I must have forgot to finish it when i was doing my exams in college.

feedback would be awesome

thanks - Cian

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