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Dirt, dust, adrenaline and a lot of speed are in the new DiRT 2, the best Rally game done so far

By canana, Posted 05 Dec 2010

DiRT is a franchise based on a racing legend: the rally driver Colin McRae. The series has become a benchmark among rally games and is maintained until today by Codemasters. Unfortunately the pilot died in 2007 in a helicopter crash and could not admire the excellent sequel of the franchise. Although not carrying the pilot's name, Dirt 2 does not fail to provide all the tributes to McRae. Still, the main tribute is on quality and whimsy in the production of the game.

The simulator was developed based on the EGO engine, the same as the acclaimed "GRID" released in 2008, which guarantees you a great graphical experience. Besides the graphics engine, another strong point that can be found in DiRT 2 is the innovative menu. Early in the game, you're in a trailer where you can see some videos explaining the game and navigate among the races during your career. When you see this menu for the first time, will find that this is a great innovation, but to advance your career, you will miss something. The menu remains intact during the entire career, and does not change as you advance during the game.

DiRT 2 Review

When the first race starts, we have the continuation of this visual show. Everything is spectacular. The mud that the dirty windshield of the car is immediately removed by the front wipers, for example. We also have the entire panel of the car, even with a customizable dolls you can buy and trade anytime. Just a joke to make everything more fun.

The destruction of cars brings up a good resource. To be successful in the race, the game features a flashback system just like in Grid. If you wreck your car into a curve, you can trigger a kind of back in time through the video recording of the race. That makes you go back to a safe point of the track before the accident, allowing a new chance of success. Depending on the difficulty selected, the number of times you can use this feature decreases.

As for gameplay, there was a good improvement compared to the previous version. The feeling of control and weight of cars is remarkable. Even in some runs where the soil type changes, the feeling of change is perfect (including the vibration control). Sure it's not a game you want to simulate accurately the reality of hundreds of mechanical adjustments to the cars. Anyway, Dirt 2 will attract and satisfy everyone, whether casual gamers or professional pilots with joysticks and steering wheels.

DiRT 2 Review

The career mode does not force the player to run in sequential races: you can race in any order by picking one of the many races and events available. Yes, the game has an evolution system, where experience is gained and money to invest in items and vehicle upgrades. So the more points, more power. You will travel to various parts of the globe, there are many challenges that can be found and unlocking as our level evolves, this level is determined by our ratings during the races. London, Baja, Croatia, Morocco, Japan, China, Utah are some of the places you will visit.

The online now has two new modes: Pro Tour and Jam Session. In Pro Tour have up to three different types of competitions, which can be done in teams of four players or solo. Jam Session at the low end is a free running up to eight players. In general, multiplayer is much more accessible to casual players and much easier to call friends.

The game interface is another strong point, because it can relate very well the lifestyle of a pilot, at least the most messy and those who do not have much money to spend, our menu is basically a caravan and the exterior around outside the caravan to the table where we buy cars, a newsstand with magazines, another table where we set the sound options, video, controls, etc. and our car. Inside the caravan we have a wall map for multiplayer, a map over the table where we have the campaign mode, and a couch with extra material that can equip the cars, we have other stuff to the couch where we see the targets achieved in races and even a sign, a door to exit the game. Every game will have the presence of the caravan that will travel with you wherever you go.

DiRT 2 Review

The sound is excellent! Without a doubt, one of the best soundtracks in recent years. Of course the game does not need a trail especially designed for it, as is the case with most RPGs, but the fact is that DiRT 2 has several weight bands in their paths. Some highlights are: Black Tide, Bloc Party, Eagles of Death Metal, Prodigy, The Stone Roses and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Stepping on the accelerator has never been better. Gaining the speed after a curve to feel the car engine pouring all the power is also worth mentioning.

Finally, this is the kind of game you will not regret playing. Will ensure hours of racing and fun. Not just a game for fans of the genre, but also a comprehensive work for all tastes and abilities. DiRT 2 is a good game, especially for lovers of speed. If you've played GRID and liked it, also like this game. The downside of the game is its lack of realism in the gameplay. Driving a rally car can be as easy. Nothing much to panic the running game. May appeal to some who like to get a foot on the accelerator and not think about anything, but may disappoint those expecting a more realistic experience.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Except the Baja races I loved everything about this game. Perfectly rated imo.

    Posted Dec 05, 2010


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