By Dan, Posted 07 Feb 2011

Hey everyone, Its Caboose here with another review, This time we're looking at Vanquish by Sega.


Vanquish is a 3rd person Over the shoulder type First Person Sci- Fi shooter From the critically acclaimed Game Director Shinji Mikami, or so the packaging would have you believe however Vanquish is a generic futuristic FPS based in the distant future where robots and such exist. The Story centres around the protagonist Sam Gideon who is a test pilot (for a suit.... ?) for our future DARPA. They invent a robot suit. (Think Halo Armour but more supped up) just in time to stop the Russians from wrecking everything!.


First off this game is just boring. From the outset Sam is unlikable and irritating. To offset him your support team consist of a 12 year old boy/girl child prodigy.. and a gruff and cold Colonel who is on the ground with you.


So for this review I’m going to split the review into what I liked and what I didn’t like.


What I Liked:

The action is fast paced and flows pretty well in game. The suits features are well thought out and fun to use, especially the propulsion system.  Weeeeeeee!! Haha.  The story itself however Generic isn’t that bad. I’ve listened and played through worse. Believe me. The weapons are standard going from assault rifle to Rocket launcher, Disc Launchers to Guided Lasers. It all hinders on a rather clever plot point around the suits technology the weapons are made via a memory component in the suit and it replicates whatever weapon design you it scans. You can have three on you at any one time though so careful planning is required and getting caught out with the wrong weapon is.. Frustrating to say the very least, but none the less it’s good. The contact Physics are spot on. Weapons don’t always follow the same firing line there was effort put in on this end.  The enemy AI is well programmed. They are tricky no matter what difficulty you’re playing on. The boss battles can be a right pain. But in a good way. Nothing is more annoying then these press X to win battles.  There was one boss in particular I thought was brilliantly done. It’s called an Unknown. Basically it’s a red orb that gathers the broken robot bits reanimates them and murders you with them.  It was one of the few Mini boss fights I’ve relished playing through. Level design is awesome too. The futuristic setting is portrayed beautifully, They haven’t going for destructible scenery in this game could have been fun.. lots of chest high walls though!.


What I didn’t like:

The voice acting! It’s just.. Oh god.. It’s terrible. It reminds me of a scenario where they forget to book the voice actors until like a month before release so they just say use any voice you can think of. Here’s what your character looks like. Now go into the booth and read. Good doggie! The characters themselves are hard to empathize with too. I found myself feeling sorrier for the hordes of murderous robots then Sam and the Colonel. The plot is good but there’s no character growth. Sam is the same form beginning to end. Nothing changes here. At all. Ever. I don’t know though. It’s like they just Sega’d all over it. It just feels like an Arcade Game on a console and they’ve done everything they can to convince you it’s not but it still feels time crisisy..  The bosses are Samey. If you get me, one robot looks the same as another. It seems a little lazy, different paint job, different weapon and it’s a new unit. No one will notice. WELL vanquish I noticed!


All in all I liked more in this game then what I didn’t like, but the faults outweigh the good parts too much, this game had buckets of potential for greatness but it fell short due to lazy characterization and poor writing. Poor voice acting didn’t help much either


I give it a 3 out of 5. Not bad but could have been much better!


so until next time folks.


feel free to leave comments and suggestions. also if you want an older game reviewed please let me know.

see ya


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  • You've been a little rude with the rating. I haven't played it but they way everyone praised it at the forum, I thought it's a good game. But your remarks are to the point and makes sense.

    Anyway, adding some images in the middle of the review the way our writers are doing, would make the review more enjoyable to read.

    Posted Feb 08, 2011
  • avatar Dan

    I dont think I have been rude. It's one mans opinion, if its your thing your gona like it and nothing i say will matter to you ya know!

    I like my to the point and Direct approach, the other reviews its all about the images and videos. if i wanted to see those id have just gone to youtube. ya know

    less flash, more substance

    Posted Feb 09, 2011

  • You are very direct. lol. Good point though.

    Posted Feb 16, 2011

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