The Witcher II Assassins of Kings

By Sleven, Posted 06 Sep 2011

A third person thriller RPG, that takes your breath away with its complex story of betrayal and war.


This is how the journey of Witcher II started.


There are games which you really don’t enjoy at the beginning because it takes too much of your time to get used to its nature. Witcher II is one of those games if you haven’t played its origin. The game sets off with features you are not used to, and even a tutorial doesn’t help much unless you play though certain chapters of the first act. I was actually getting bored until I figure out the nature of the game and rode on it. Everything afterward was enjoyable and full of fun. It was an 18 hours journey that has made me like the game.


Let’s not waste too much time with chitchat and straight right to the good and bad points of the game.


This is from one of his memory clips

The Good:

- Gameplay offers variety of actions such as casting magic, sword fighting, character improvements, experimenting magic in yourself after crafting them, trading etc.

- The graphics is mind-blowingly good. Each and everything has pointed out with detail. Even a leaf of a tree.

- Most characters are designed perfectly according to the game environment. Somehow ever will come under the Bad section.

- Environment and sound effects are touchy. It makes you feel the situation you are facing.

- If you are bored slaying monsters, you can take a break and have fun at the Inn by taking part in a fight, arm wrestle or play poker.

- There are tons of side missions which are as good as the main missions. These side mission gives you the items and information to gain your full memory back.

- You can literally have sex in the game with your GF Triss or any other girls at the camp.

- There are tons of awesome artworks can be found in this game. I've taken some screenshots if any of you wish to view them.


This is Triss, the girl who'll make you look for her for most part of the game


The Bad:

- Bosses are not good looking. Good looking in a sense that they don’t really suit the environment type. Scarier bosses would’ve been good.

- Monsters are not as ugly as they should be. Sometime you feel their poor nature and not wish to kill them. They however give you the level points once you slay them.

- Puzzles are like piece of cake.

- You are the best swords-man in the world and you can’t even jump from a 5 feet wall. Yes, this means that the game isn’t as flexible as it should’ve been. It’s more like the only thing that needs to be done to progress the story is doable and rest are all blocked.

- The game is way too heavy for a mid range gaming PC. I highly recommend 4GB RAM and a good Graphics card to enjoy the game fully.


Rating: 85/100

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  • i like the review.  this might be a game i will most def. check out.

    Posted Sep 07, 2011

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