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Drinking juice might be fun.

By canana, Posted 20 Mar 2012

Shoot Many Robots is a particularly admirable game. Influenced by games like Metal Slug and even the latest Hard Corps: Uprising's from Ark System, it’s an animal very clear about its intentions - a battlefield dominated by the action. The title is suggestive, entirely revealing the content it provides. The game can either be played individually or with up to four players cooperatively. If the solo campaign involves commitment - mashing buttons, with some strategy in the purchase of weapons and upgrades thrown in - its multiplayer structure makes the process more fun, humorous and somewhat chaotic, although this does not add major changes to a non revolutionary experience, it ends up fulfilling the purpose of most action shooters.

You play as P. Walter Tugnut, a fearless soldier that dons a cowboy hat on the battlefield and armed to the teeth. This is because a factory started to produce battalions of robots with a few screws loose and now must stop at nothing to hold these mechanical menaces back - firing bombs, causing insane chaos – anything to make you want to shoot their circuits into next week. With his caravan, which serves as the "hub" to acquire new weapons and combat elements, this fearless warrior fights alone or with partners fighting hordes and hordes of rusty creatures. The extermination of robotic creatures is offset by an increase in the multiplier score. The score reached at the end of every level will be useful to rank up and manage to equip the player with new primary and secondary weapons, special jackets, head protections, among other parameters. It’s here that a very strong role-play element is placed. Withdraw the anime style of Hard Corps and add country, blues and rock'n'roll to musical accompaniment, something cell shade -esque regarding its graphics and a protagonist who drinks a few beers to recover health and you get a clear idea of what awaits you.

Shoot Many Robots, Review, NoobFeed

The gameplay is typical of a 2D shooter, with some 3D elements infused to make the graphics pop in certain places. You can shoot in any direction, accumulating points and screws for each enemy defeated. The action becomes frantic at times when the enemies come in the form of successive waves. In some levels, the goal is not reduced to a mere passage from point A to point B with "checkpoints" intermitted that can restore life and be used to acquire new ammunition, and with this it becomes a kind of survival mode. At the end of each level your ratings will range between one and five stars. The score is essential to level up, which can happen automatically during the game. Leveling up unlocks new weapons and accessories, and other items that modify the skills of the protagonist as the game becomes a progressively tougher cookie.

Leveling up unlocks new weapons and accessories, and other items that modify the skills of the protagonist as the game becomes a progressively tougher cookie. As for a primary weapons, you have machine guns, rifles, pistols - all with infinite ammo. In the shop inside the caravan you will discover that many of them are locked until you reach a certain level. But as you progress, leveling up and covering new areas, enemies become more powerful and you’ll certainly need weapons with greater firepower (some provide automatic support) and do more damage. The secondary weapons have limited ammo, but are more powerful. These are useful for escaping tight situations, as well as to defeat powerful creatures at the end of the level.

Shoot Many Robots, Review, NoobFeed

Despite all the game has going for it, it fails to escape the traditional hit-andrun cliches. You can bounce small projectiles launched by the enemy and possibly cause melee strikes as an alternative to gun fight. However, the model of game found in the early hours tends to have little other than weapon upgrades, accessories and other customization elements. Furthermore, the areas tend to be repeated in the environment and can become old and repetitive pretty fast.

There are alternative routes and hidden bonuses, but the overall composition is still far from the excellennt, especially compared to the first games of the Metal Slug series, whose missions are a true artistic dimension, sarcastic and the military-based The title is suggestive – Shoot Many Robots - and a little misleading, entirely revealing the content it provides, but overall tha game is a very worthy and competent option. Very tough at times and a little samey after any extended game play, but it essentially accomplishes the task it sets out with. Although it does nothing new for the genre and doesn’t figure nowhere near to the top of the pile, fans of Alien Hominid, and Contra Hard Corps: Uprising will enjoy this immensley. Challenging, engaging and a cooperative multiplayer mode with up to four players, particularly stands out by offering a framework of role-play associated with the progression that causes the most varied and amusing effects especially when harnessed to several players.

Marco Cecilio,NoobFeed

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General Information

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Demiurge Studios
Genres: Shoot-'Em-Up
Themes: Action
Release Date: 2012-03-14

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