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Done many times before.

By Daavpuke, Posted 03 May 2012

It’s not really certain just what part of the Tetris formula has spawned its global success that branched off into a billion directions through the decennia. By that extension, it’s also vague just where the hit and miss appeal of any clone and subset such as Block Factory may lie. In this case, this intangible sensation leaves it with little leeway into a crowded and thoroughly explored subject.

Block Factory 3DS - NoobFeed Review

Perhaps it’s in the same way of desperately trying to clutch to an audience that Block Factory goes for the safe cutesy appeal of candied colors and soft cartoon shapes. A big draw here is the game’s customization effort, which creates a backdrop and foreground of one’s liking. It will however always be in the same line of cutesy simplicity. Little crayons, clovers, backgrounds of farms or “darker” themes all have that wishy-washy, safe haven appeal for ages 3 and up. That shouldn’t be an issue, though its banal outlook definitely hits a dent in the customization appeal. There’s not really one winner to be picked in the entire bunch, so why bother?

As mentioned, gameplay follows the Tetris theme. In fact, it is that same game, only with simple additions that once more can be composed to one’s personal taste. As Block Factory only starts off with 4 of these games, it’s up to the player to create a variety of games that hold one’s own attention for longer than a minute. Though capable as it is, as Tetris always has been, this presents a few issues. The larger problem is that not all non-cosmetic permutations are an equally valid choice. Essentially, creating games with the wrong factors merely ends up as a waste of time, since they are unplayable. This means that Block Factory already trims the fat when it comes to its options and its creation comes paired with some trial and error.

Block Factory 3DS - NoobFeed Review
It's also possible to scan codes for content, but that has little to no added value.

Secondly, once a right combination is found, it’s hard to determine how long this retains its appeal, if at all. With that same notion also comes that with each game created and abandoned, one less combination is available and the creation trial and error begins anew. These issues make Block Factory’s core of custom games an element of high speculation but low reward. More probably than anything, players will stay on the safer side and only drift ever so gently from known Tetris models.

That doesn’t mean Block Factory is a bad game though, rather it’s an uninteresting one. Its clone gameplay is still as solid as it ever was, but it’s also its only quality and that has been done many times before. There are also some of these combinations that could offer some additional insight on the genre, but other than that nothing is new under the sun. Sadly, that’s all she wrote.

Perhaps in a last shot at redemption, it could be favorable to jot down just which elements can possibly work off if combined properly. Block Factory offers hard falls, which make blocks come down in one fell swoop when pressed down. The only issue here is that players are forced to wait until the block makes its way into the screen fully to really see how to work it, in case they missed the side panel revealing the next piece. Additionally, pieces can also be subject to gravity, which makes their parts crumble down to the lowest point in the row when they hit. There are also possibilities to draw diagonal lines, switch colors inside pieces and more, but the aforementioned two are the ones that offered the best lasting appeal when played.

Block Factory 3DS - NoobFeed Review

It’s hard to recommend Block Factory to anyone outside of its direct target audience. Those that want another Tetris game with some side content might as well pick up this one or the next one in the row; there really is no difference. People that need a bit more than that won’t find anything here, not even in the customization options. Though it is a capable title, no one has ever gone into history as being merely ‘passable’ at something; neither will this.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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Block Factory


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