AFL Live

By sdfc87, Posted 06 Jun 2012

AFL Live is a decent game if you don't know about Australian rules football, you will find the game confusing at times and pretty average at best. The past AFL games on PS2 were pretty decent graphics and gameplay were a let down a bit but had career mode and was somewhat enjoyable.

This game they have taken out Career mode so straight away the gameplay length has been shorten alot only modes thereis are the Premiership, Pre Season Cup, and Custom Seasons and Cups no career which is surprising.

The game play in general is quite easy once you get used to the rules and controls however defence can be a bit of a hassle as well as long kicks for marks on offense, Also moving your player off the mark defending the attacking AI will run towards goal making for a easy tackle. The camera angle makes it difficult to see anytihng going on downfield and is a let down for me anything on the otherside of the field is small and confusing.

The commentry is very dull and boring and random for E.G. a kick for goal right in front the commentator basically says he will miss. The kits and stadiums are very accurate and real have been updated since last edition with surrounding buildings, ground names etc makes it look like you actually playing at the G.

Now the bad players look alot like each other, gamplay is limited and repetitive and playing the game can come a bit tough coming to marks and general kicks. and at times players form both sides seem to be running anywhere.

You can create players edit rosters and create the GWS Gianst as there logo and jerseys are there.

Its a good game for AFL fans and the season mode is good but gameplay is limited after winning the grand final put it away never play again. Overall its a alright game.

NOTE: As of June 6th there is a patch avaible for the new GWS Giants, New Stadiums and Updated rosters so i will see what that is like hope there is some improvement can also wait to july to buy the game with the patch added.

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