The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left

Make Your Final Moments Count for Something.

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Nov 2012

Every decision you have made since Lee Everett escaped a life sentence in episode 1 has been leading up to this moment. The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left sets Lee Everett in twilight of his life as he attempts to save Clementine one last time. While No Time Left maintains the same high quality of pervious episodes it doesn’t retain the same momentum that was lost in the last episode. Instead it tries to complete Lee’s journey as quickly as possible, while closing loose ends, and forcing an emotional conclusion. This journey has been a long and difficult one but worth experiencing from beginning to end multiple times. 

Like pervious episodes The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left starts with a brief introduction of the pervious episode, Around Every Corner. The group is trapped in Savannah, Georgia after the idea of obtaining a boat to escape the undead hordes lead to more issues then solutions. Lee is facing death and in his final moments attempts to fulfill his promise to protect Clementine after she has been kidnapped by the man on the radio. This sets the stage for some solid fights and heartbreaking final moments. 

The characters are still stellar. Every one of these people have the same specific personality that has shifted based on the choices you’ve made for Lee. New characters such as Omid and Christa still remain an enigma, while more notorious people start to shift. These situations lead to some touching moments such as Kenny finally confronting his selfish ways and Ben standing up for himself. Regardless of their personality the voice-acting for each individual is fantastic, it is a shame that most of the dialogue won’t be as engaging as past episodes. 

The Walking Dead, Episode 5, No Time Left, Review, Trailer
"I'll protect her no matter what"

The villain didn’t share high-quality other characters on Lee’s journey. The character feels more like a personal reminder of your actions then an actual antagonist. It was a bizarre moment but offer a conclusion on an ignore question in Lee’s adventure. The villain was disturbing and the final moments of this adventure brings everything to an uncertain conclusion in order to set the stage for season 2, allowing for No Time Left to succeed in what it sought to accomplish. 

The biggest issue is the pace of the episode. This is definitely the shortest one of the series and can be completed in under an hour. I felt more like I was being quickly funneled into one narrow setting after another. This was expected since the streets and buildings of Savannah are teeming with walkers but when traveling through so many narrow areas that offer so little in exploration, it was claustrophobic.

The Walking Dead, Episode 5, No Time Left, Review, Trailer
A History Professor and Zombie Killer

No Time Left plays exactly like all the other episodes before it. You’ll use a command prompt, which you control, to input commands to interact with the environment, talk to characters, and target enemies. There are still simple puzzles and the awful first-person shooting has been terminated. Making choices for Lee in the limited amount of time available and living with the consequences remain the highlight.

No Time Left offers a satisfying conclusion to the first season of The Walking Dead episodes. It’s unfortunate that the final episode strays so far from the characters that started in this journey and fails to regain the momentum that was delivered from the first three episodes and lost in the forth. When looking at the odyssey as a whole it forms a fantastic adventure full of distinguished characters, emotional entanglements, and bloody actions. Those who invest the $25 won’t be disappointed with Lee Everett’s campaign with Clementine and find an excellent game full of difficult choices and intense moments.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed 

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