Finding Teddy

Before the intelligent gamer translates the game's language, over thinking leads to frustration and may cause a sense of defeat.

By XboxBetty, Posted 10 Dec 2013

Finding Teddy is a point and click adventure game originally released on iOS and Android devices. With overall positive reviews on the App store and Google Play, Finding Teddy gained even more recognition when it found its way to Steam Greenlight. Finding Teddy was quickly Greenlit on October 29, 2013 and just a few short months later was released.

Plug In Digital's game begins with a little girl and her teddy bear. While soundly sleeping a monster emerges from the girl's wardrobe and snatches her beloved stuffed animal off to an odd and frightening world. Waking from the noise the girl enters the wardrobe and begins her adventure to save her cherished friend.

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As Finding Teddy began as a mobile game, its mechanics run on a computer similar to as if were being played on a smartphone; using simple and minimal controls. Simply click in a direction to move the character and click on objects to interact with them. Nothing more, nothing less; a kindergartner could catch on.

Along with the straightforward controls the game offers a basic soundtrack and uncomplicated sound effects. The only sounds players hear throughout the entirety of the game are musical: the timbre from clicking around the environment, the rhytmics of the soundtrack and the tones of each symbol within every challenging puzzle. The little girl, her teddy and the world's creatures do not speak; there is no discourse through written or spoken dialogue and the storyline is understood through the translation of musical symbols.

Finding Teddy,Finding Teddy PC,Finding Teddy Screenshot

At first glance these symbols are gibberish. Slowly a few symbols become vaguely recognizable until finally the player has that aha! moment and it all clicks. The symbols are not meaningless, they represent something essential and players may feel moronic for not deciphering them sooner.   

Puzzles consist mainly of repeating tones sung by the characters within the world of Finding Teddy. Players are given three rows of unknown/blank symbols and must match tone for tone songs sung by the game's characters. Remembering these small melodies is necessary to advance to the next point in the game; repeat the melody, unlock symbols and often receive objects in exchange. Objects are used solo or in combination for unlocking doors, opening new passageways or enticing new friends.

Finding Teddy,Finding Teddy Screenshot,Finding Teddy PC

These puzzles are often not friendly and giving up on Finding Teddy may be the easier task. Matching pitch is a skill even the best musicians cannot master and a musically challenged person may never succeed. Paying attention to the symbols is the key to successfully completing Finding Teddy and if you do not catch on progressing through the game is impossible.

Zero hints and little direction is given to help the flow of the game. Finding Teddy was most definitely created with a challenge in mind. Due to the minimal amount of guidance, finishing the game is 100% in the hands of the player. Before the intelligent gamer translates the game's language, over thinking leads to frustration and may cause a sense of defeat. Pushing through this hardship is essential and players will feel all the more brilliant when completing Finding Teddy.

Finding Teddy,Finding Teddy Screenshot,Finding Teddy PC

The simplicity of Finding Teddy's graphics and controls enveloped with the challenge of near impossible puzzles make for a game with a high replay value and entertainment to occupy even the most experienced gamers. For less than ten dollars it is a game die hard puzzle fans will not want to miss.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty),

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Finding Teddy


Platform(s): PC, Mobile
Publisher(s): Plug In Digital
Developer(s): Plug In Digital
Genres: Adventure
Themes: Indie, Point and Click
Release Date: 2013-02-08

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