Posted 23 Apr 2011

If you're a gamer, you're familiar with first-person shooter games. You may also be familiar with tower defense games. But no one has attempted to combi

Revolution Under Siege

Posted 16 Apr 2011

The Russian Civil War took place from 1917-1923, spanning the battle between the Soviet Red Army and the anti-Bolshevik White Army that followed the collapse of


Posted 19 Mar 2011

To many puzzle game fans, Enigmo is not a new name. Pangea Software originally developed the game for Macintosh and Windows PC, which both saw their releases in


Posted 18 Mar 2011

The template for war first-person shooters has been in place for some time, now: Pick a historical warfare event and tell an independent story within its settin


Posted 08 Mar 2011

The release of the Playstation Move motion controller has introduced some new options for games on the Playstation platform, but perhaps more than anything else

Dead Space 2

Posted 02 Mar 2011

Visceral Games’ futuristic 3rd-person survival-horror shooter Dead Space came in slightly under the radar in October of 2008. But since it was received ve


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