Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Mobile Review

Posted 29 Aug 2020

Announced during one of the many events from Ubisoft that all bleed together, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad has launched its franchise roster to the masses. This

The Church In The Darkness PC Review

Posted 08 Aug 2019

It’s fairly admirable that some games try to tackle current climates in the world. When that political commentary also draws fairly directly from past eve

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 PC Review

Posted 17 Mar 2019

World is broke. And there’s only one cure: Guns. That’s the motto of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Publisher Ubisoft has another open world set

The Settlers: History Collection PC Review

Posted 10 Dec 2018

The Settlers has never quite aspired to be a billboard title, but it definitely has garnered enough affection to be counted as an iconic series. Publisher Ubiso

Explosive Dinosaurs PC Review

Posted 02 Dec 2018

It’s always maintained that making games is hard, so clearly doing a selection of much smaller, simpler mini-games should be an easier task. For Explosive

Ultra Space Battle Brawl PC Review

Posted 04 Nov 2018

Slapping a new coat of paint on an old classic is a tried and true modus operandi in the game industry. Ultra Space Battle Brawl is such a rework, for none othe


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