Review #6: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Posted 04 Nov 2009

I decided since pokemon Diamond and Pearl aren't any different except for the Legendary you catch at the top of Mount Coronet I have created my own Questions t

Review #5: Legend of Zelda Oracle of Season and Oracle of Ages

Posted 04 Nov 2009

Well this time I am doing a double review This game revolves around 2 different world types Oracle of Season: The world is the same but different everytime yo

Review #4: Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

Posted 03 Nov 2009

I guess I am just a Review God haha Okay my 4th review will be on the game Mario and Luigi: Partners in TimeThis is a small video from Ricardo Torres of Gamesp

Runescape (WEB)

Posted 03 Nov 2009

Well I decided to do 2 reviews today Runescape is a MMORPG that people around the world can talk with other people around the world and do quest and just

Zack and Wiki (Wii)

Posted 03 Nov 2009

Well here is my 2nd review on the Game Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure: This Game Revolves around the usually Pirate Nature but instead it is kinda

New Super Mario Brothers

Posted 29 Oct 2009

Well here we go with my 1st review New Super Mario Bros for the DS     Storyline: This game is based on like the others with Princess Peach gett


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