Gran Turismo 5

Posted 17 Sep 2011

When you spend as long on a game as Polyphony Digital did with Gran Turismo 5, you're setting up expectations that will undoubtedly be difficult to measure

NBA 2K11

Posted 13 Aug 2011

When you put the most famous basketball player of all-time on the cover of your game, you automatically set the bar extremely high. Michael Jordan, considered b

NCAA Football 12

Posted 12 Aug 2011

Another year, another season of college football. EA Sports, without recreating their formula that has proven succesful for the last few iterations, plan to com


Posted 11 Aug 2011

Back when Sony's third home console was just a baby and light on big titles, Incognito brought out Warhawk. Few may remember a game of the same name release

Rogue Warrior

Posted 30 Jul 2010

When you first boot up the game, the main menu can be a little deceiving. A dark, daunting theme plays, and the simple yet clean looking interface is placed bes

Resident Evil 5

Posted 29 Jul 2010

The survival horror genre can be scary. Not just for the scary creatures, dark corridors, and sudden scares it produces, but also the sense of being alone. If d


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