Nintendo Switch Sports Nintendo Switch Review

Posted 30 Apr 2022

With the release of Wii Sports in 2006, Nintendo shook up the video gaming industry. When coupled with basic sports games, even granny and grandpa found themsel

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Nintendo Switch Review

Posted 13 Apr 2022

In terms of JRPGs, there is no denying that Chrono Trigger is a classic. This game has remained a favorite among fans of the 16-bit period. Hundreds of develope

Rune Factory 5 Nintendo Switch Review

Posted 11 Apr 2022

The combination of the farm simulator and action role-playing game genres is growing more popular, and it's not difficult to understand why. Constructing st

Valheim PC Review

Posted 19 Oct 2021

Valheim is a sandbox survival game in the third person, with a procedurally generated world to explore. As a dead Viking, we are transported to the fictional 10

Gal*Gun Double Peace PlayStation 4 Review

Posted 10 Dec 2016

Most guys have fantasized one way or another with the idea of being irresistible to women, to be unable to walk three steps without some cute girl trying to get

Solstice Arena

Posted 16 May 2014

Being a huge fan of the MOBA genre, I found myself coming across Solstice Arena, a title developed by a very familiar company known as Zynga. Zynga is known to


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