ICY Frostbite Edition PC Review

Posted 11 Sep 2017

Whenever you think about a game that is “Story-Driven” you think of a game that has a story to follow, possibly pretty visuals and that’s it.

Flinthook PC Review

Posted 03 Jun 2017

When I first laid my eyes upon the Flinthook, I honestly thought it would be a wannabe Shovel Knight with some flavor added to it. However, it turned out that I

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd PC Review

Posted 20 May 2017

I didn’t know anything about The Legend Of Heroes series prior to this review, other than The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky reviewed by our Chief Ed

Night In The Woods PC Review

Posted 14 May 2017

Whenever someone brings up the term “Story Driven” alongside games, I used to go on a rant about how these kinds of games had nothing going for them

Fallout: Shelter Steam Review

Posted 22 Apr 2017

When Fallout: Shelter got announced as a sort of promotion for Fallout 4, I really thought nothing of it. I was sure it was going to be Bethesda's attempt t

Filthy Lucre PC Review

Posted 01 May 2017

It's funny how one of the most recent arguments in the games industry and community has been how much videogames themselves "Insult your intelligence&q


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