Wallabies Rugby Challenge

Posted 06 Jun 2012

Everyone has been waiting for a Rugny Union game and 2011 two came out the very dissapointing World Cup game and now the Wallabies Rugby Challenge (for Austr

AFL Live

Posted 06 Jun 2012

AFL Live is a decent game if you don't know about Australian rules football, you will find the game confusing at times and pretty average at best. The pa

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway PS3

Posted 17 Jan 2010

Have been thinking of getting this game for a while so I did. First thing it shows you a video of the last game i think was road to hill 30 so you kinda catch

Cricket 2007 PS2

Posted 10 Jan 2010

EA Sports Cricket 2007. I remember getting this game and thinking well the 2005 version was not all that flash hot this probabley wont be any better. But the n

Energy Air Force: Aim Strike PS2

Posted 09 Jan 2010

Energy Air Force Aim Strike the Player take the role of the pilot NOT the plane which makes this game. The graphics are excellent, great scenery or water, city

AFL Premiership 2006 PS2

Posted 08 Jan 2010

AFL 2006 is a great game if you don't know about Australian Football and rules, you more than likely find the game boring and confusing and find it bad. The ga


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