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  • Who wants Site Fuel #2

    Category: Blogs, Posted 12 Jan 2010

    highly appreciate those who have submitted their feedback on the new features we’ve added las

  • It's a Blog blog ^

    Category: Blogs, Posted 09 Nov 2009

    icked up three games today. Dragon Age Origins, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and Borderlands. Installed

  • FIFA 10 Review!

    Category: Blogs, Posted 02 Nov 2009

    wasn't perticularly happy while reivewing this game. Find out why it was so.   FIFA 10 Rev

  • Mixed Juice!

    Category: Blogs, Posted 25 Oct 2009

    wanted to review this game after finishing the single player mode for the first time. But after get

  • Batman Arkham Asylum

    Category: Blogs, Posted 07 Oct 2009

    fter finishing it for the second time, I felt like reviewing. All I'll say here is that the game is


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    Hello, NoobFeed! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt Buckley. I’ve been playing video games since I could sit at a keyboard, and I’m told I used to jump up and down in my playpen while watching my sisters play Combat on the Atari 2600 before that. After getting my turn with the Atari, I grew up primarily with the NES and SNES but I’ve probably done the majority of my gaming on the PC, ranging from text-based adventure games, the Sierra On-Line and LucasArts heydays, to the onset of the FPS movement with the rise of Doom, Descent, and Rise of the Triad. I’ve continued to follow both PC, console, and handheld gaming ever since, and remain active within the gaming community. I do also miss the heyday of arcades, though. :D Aside from gaming, I have been a musician my entire life. I play multiple instruments, but I am primarily a classically trained percussionist and jazz-trained drummer. I currently play with a couple of bands.

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