Kapital: Sparks of Revolution PC Review

Posted 04 May 2022

City Building Simulation Strategy games have a niche market to attend, and it’s not all that huge compared to genres like FPS or RPG. Gamers who play such

Chinatown Detective Agency PC Review

Posted 14 Apr 2022

If 'genre' is considered as a racing competition, then the 'point-and-click' games may not be the ones leading this race. Any successful game in

WWE 2K22 PlayStation 4 Review

Posted 21 Mar 2022

Every year, the WWE 2K series releases a new version of the game with minor tweaks and a fresh roster. As a result of WWE 2K20, reviewers severely criticize&nbs

ELDEN RING PlayStation 5 Review

Posted 27 Feb 2022

The wait is finally over. For the longest time, gamers from all over the spectrum have been longing eagerly for the release of ELDEN RING, a game that promised

Sifu PlayStation 4 Review

Posted 11 Feb 2022

Sifu is a Chinese word used as an honorific title for someone very skilled or masterful in some way, a master if you will. And this word is just the perfect one

The Last Stand: Aftermath PlayStation 4 Review

Posted 08 Dec 2021

Coming from humble beginnings is often a mark of pride. To overcome obstacles in one’s upbringing while trying to achieve the best version of oneself. It


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