Posted 09 Jul 2009

Motorstorm was one of the very first games to be showcased on the PlayStation 3 and early previews already had gamers foaming at the mouths, then when game foot

Donkey Kong Country

Posted 19 Jun 2009

Donkey Kong Country was the first of a 3 game series released by Rare back in 1984, this was their chance to get back on the map after releasing some less than

Elite Beat Agents

Posted 17 Jun 2009

Welcome to the craziest, most peculiar, yet addictive rhythm game you could ever wish to experience. The Elite Beat Agents are a band of secret agents who would

Battle Chess

Posted 30 May 2009

Battle Chess has been quoted as “a chess game for people who don’t like chess” and that sums it up perfectly. Bringing each piece to life by a

ClayFighter 63 1/3

Posted 30 May 2009

ClayFighter 63 1/3 is an unforgettable experience but sadly for all the wrong reasons. The unoriginality of this game reaches whole new levels, they didn’


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