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    Category: Blogs, Posted 31 Aug 2012

    The names brian Toro now im super new to NoobFeed but im starting to get the hang of things. Sorr

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  • Name : Brian Toro
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    The Name is Brian Toro I like to think of myself as a gamer since I have been playing games since i first had my Gameboy in a flee Market with my first game Mario Land 2. But what actually got me sucked into the gaming world was when I first had my PS1 in December 25, 1996 and played Final Fantasy 7. I was very young at the time and didnt know how an RPG worked exactly. But then i got the jist of it. Leveling up, customizing your class, and fighting hard bosses. Right there i fell in love with gaming. Progressing yourself, making your characters better and pushing your self and believing you can beat that boss. Those were the best feelings to me in gaming. just becoming better in any game overall is the best feeling. But theres more about me and my history with gaming just message me. Im also an anime lover comic book fiend and a manga reader.

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