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By Xiao, Posted 23 Apr 2010

I have decided to write another blog, since my last blog became popular. But this blog is just a preparation for my next blog. Tell me what kind of blog you want read.


I was planning to write about Anime history to educate users here about Anima. It seems like not too many users like Anime here. Which is sad.


I was also planning to write about my new life in USA. So far I didn't like it much, as I have been traveling city to city with my papa and haven't settled down yet.


I was also planning to write about Sleven. Since I want to tell the world that how much I love him and missing right now. I miss his friends and basketball matches too.


I noticed that I have 5 emblems now. Which is good compared to my activity level. And, I am on level 10 now.

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  • Write about your life in the US & Slevi too :)

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • actually Xiao , it would be great if u made a blog about Anime history , because i really don't much about it !!! :D

    and don't worry many people don't like living in the USA including the American people .

    so i guess when u say u miss Slev's friends that means u miss me too right   oh nd congratz on the emblems ! , and i am level 10 too :D

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • So much to write, isn't? I can understand your feeling. Write about them all. But one by one :)

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • Congrats on level 10. :)

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • *punches @sleven on the shoulder* heheh, big boy! she misses you :P

    no idea on what you could do on your next blog, though. BTW, were you serious with the "make me a new banner thing"? i could try, i just need you to tell me what you want on it.

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • Since when you became so romantic :P lol. We miss you here too. Crain asks about you all the time. Most of time I say that I don't know :P And, I know you wont enjoy writing about your new life there but I'll be interested to read about it. And, also write about anime history. I know it'll be good. After all, you love this boring thing :P

    Those emblem came by mistake or you are very lucky :P


    @BrunoBRS :

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • @Sleven - *resists posting random generic love song* :P

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS: Do it!

    @Xiao: Hi there, ..that'sall I had to say. lol nah, glad to see you write a blog preparation, this means we'll have something to read coming from you, which I believe I haven't seen in a while. I wouldn't mind that Anime history thing although I liked very few animes (Blood+ is still my favorite of the bunch). mm.. makes me wonder when my sister will bring 'em back to me, I feel like watching them again.

    Whatever you write about, it'll most likely be good and interesting! Though if you don't like USA so far, I'd suggest not writing about it since it'll only make you not like it even more.

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • Well being an American I would definitely like to know why you don't like living in the U.S. so far and how you plan on trying to make the best of things here. Also what brought you to the U.S. and if you are going to stay here or plan on moving back at some point? I'm sorry that you miss Sleven so much, I've moved a lot in my life as well so I know how hard it is to leave people you care about, or even love behind and is part of the reason I am online so much since I have moved so much I don't have a lot of "close" friends anymore and more just people I know on a hello basis or go out to the bar for a few drinks with now and then. I hope the adjustment goes ok for you and you're future becomes more enjoyable and you find new people to care about and surround yourself with. :)

    Posted Apr 23, 2010

  • Oye! You can write some anime history coz you never know there may be future users who can see your blog and know more about it. I myself is also an anime although I cant have that much time to see a lot of animes. About USA, yea you can tell your experience! I know how you are feeling right now because when I came to States, I had the same feeling. its because I am very much homesick. Even some of my BD friends staying here felt the same. It take a while to get used to everything. I am living here in US for 4 years and right now for me I am already having fun although I am still homesick and want to go back home in BD madly. Its a kind of fun living in hometown and different kind of fun in abroad (provided if you get used to it). At first try to get used to the surroundings and people and try to make friends fast and get into activities. Coz if you dont, you are screwed. One of my friend had the same problem.

    Ah Sleven. I need to know his reaction. Maybe you both show your love feelings and make a series out of it. Romantic series between two gamers (it is really a great idea). I heard Yuna us making an video out of it.

    Posted Apr 24, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS : Atleast post some background romantic music :P

    Posted Apr 25, 2010

  • How you liking the US? If your ever in Raleigh hit me up :P.

    Posted May 09, 2010

  • I'd love to read your opinion on  a new life in the USA. It has to be very uncomfortable getting used to a new home. What part of the US are you living in?

    Posted May 14, 2010

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