By FetusZero, Posted 18 Apr 2013

It's been nearly two years.. I actually contemplated the page and wondered if I wouldn't wait until the 26th of April to write something, that way it would make two years exactly since I last posted something.

Hi everyone! Yep, I still live. I see there have been a lot of movement here on NoobFeed: The entire layout changed, colors have changed making for a much cleaner look (and much less painful for my eyes), additional features that weren't there back in the days.. I see my stuff has remained untouched though! I came here for a single reason really.. someone told me it was a shame that I stopped writing, so I decided to write again at least once. Who knows where this will lead me? Oh and, hi Amaya :p

Yup, I recently got in touch with Amaya out there and I've had her help me out with some things here and there regarding my lovely games. Yep, I still play those funky Japanese bullet hell / shoot 'em ups (shmups) you all know and love just as much as I do. Eventually, it happened: You should keep writing. Perhaps I should.. perhaps not.. Some of you already know I stopped writing because it uses too much of time since I tend to write really long blogs and take forever to proof-read them, on top of wanting to read every blogs my friends post, commenting on each of them, and replying to everyone.

So here I am now, grabbed myself a nice cup of tea, opened up Clementine (Clementine is a music player on Linux, excellent one at that for the interested. Based off of Amarok 1.4 I believe, which used to be my favorite) and started playing some Girls Dead Monster. People who watched Angel Beats! probably remember Girls Dead Monster. There's also every albums by LiSA in the playlist. Yup.. Japanese music. She did the vocals for many of the songs in the anime (for reasons I won't disclose, spoiler) and I instantly started listening to her. That's entirely off subject though.. let's start again!

So here I am now, with my cut of tea and my music playing, writing yet again a new blog after nearly two years of absence. Why? I'm not really sure. I thought it would make Amaya happy after the small conversation we just had and I figured I might as well write a little something (which will undoubtely turn into a massive blog). I know others who may as well be happy, but 'm not really sure who remains on NoobFeed, or who left for other grounds. Doesn't stop me from stopping by and telling you all what I've been up to all this time.

So what have I been up to? Nothing. The same stuff as before actually. I still work and live at the same place (as well as earn nearly the same salary.. don't trust those adds that say being a video game tester makes you rich, it doesn't, not even if you work for the developers directly. Yes, I did try, and it wasn't worth it). I still record videos, although they have changed a little.. Remember when I used to make custom teasers for every games that impressed me, or new games I would try? Well I don't do those anymore. I've been entirely centralize on various shmups that I've been collecting. Some of my latest blogs were specifically about the Touhou Project franchise, but my repertoire has vastly expended since then and now reaches the hundreds.. or at least it almost does. I don't know how many exactly, but I have anywhere between 80 and 100 shmups now. The majority are on PC, a few on Xbox 360 and hardly any on PlayStation 3. Last I recall, I think I have above 200 videos uploaded on YouTube by now, over 30,000 views on my channel with a mighty 40 subscribers. I don't think about it all too often, and compared to the "famous" people of YT, it isn't a lot, but I'm still in awe in front of these big numbers.

Speaking of games, those crazy Japanese games aren't the only thing I play. I still play other games like I used too, though most of them are niche jRPG like the Atelier franchise or Hyperdimension Neptunia, but I still played Tomb Raider and of course, I've had my copy of Metro: Last Light pre-ordered for as far as I can remember. I also received Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite for free when I purchased my new graphics card for my PC (Sapphire Radeon HD7950 Vapor-X) and played them a little as well, although I must admit I'm not really impressed with them.

Hmm.. guess I should stop here. See Amaya, that's why I stopped blogging.. I come here for a little word and we end up with something like this, which took me an hour to type. The worst is I could still go on and on for a very long time :p

So I've been thinking whether it would be worth coming back or not. I have no plans on coming back as an important part of the team (as I was when I would record and edit videos for NF), but writing always feels good every now and then. The main concern is whether or not there is a place for someone who only speaks about niche titles and genres, and only posts about these since I play less and less general, AAA titles than I used to.

With all of this said, I'll leave this little video here because I know you all love these games so much :p (I just need to find how to put embed videos now).

TWilight refrAIN - Chapter 6: G3 (Mikahashi Sisters / Rank C)
(For some reason the HD video stops at 47 seconds.. but not in SD.. weird YouTube)

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  • Girldemo is very popular in Japan. If we hadn't been talking about those translations, it'd be surprising to see that you know them. But you had me surprised with this blog. Really. A lot has changed while you were gone. I doubt you'll be seeing any familiar faces who used to be around. They had probably moved on when the forum was taken down. I'm not sure if you've met @XboxBetty @Grayshadow @Dramus @EtheRBOLO and few others. I doubt you do. Because I'm here for 2 years now and we hardly knew each other.
    Posted Apr 21, 2013
  • @Amaya : No wonder they're popular, it's just so good! It's too bad they didn't become a full fledged group that keeps making music though :/
    I already know Dramus, that's for sure, and a couple of others I've seen still posting, but I can't recall any of these other names you posted.

    But indeed, a lot have changed. I guess it's only normal, everyone changes with time, or at least I think.. I'm not sure what caused this change though.
    Posted Apr 22, 2013
  • That's because they weren't professional and the main vocal left the team. Besides they didn't have the necessary funding to become larger. You know what I mean. @Dramus is good gamer to talk to. But I'm doubtful whether he plays Japanese games how you do.
    Posted Apr 23, 2013
  • @Amaya Course i know sir Zero :P I really should learn Japanese because there is nothing like a good jrpg and its a shame that the best are never really translated. I remember i beat Tales Of Phantasia in Japanese before it was translated by DeJap translations back in the day. @FetusZero yea it can get time consuming, people like you and me like writing alot its a gift lol. so dont write every, or every week, but stick around monthly or something. We are all gamers, we appreciate all game..even if we dont normally play all the types. those games are still fun. Besides, alot of people dont know most of these games exist. So, you dont want to write a long blog? well write a few sentences and post one of your vids, those were always fun.
    Posted Apr 23, 2013
  • We need to be able to make these text box for the comments bigger :p

    @Amaya : LiSA is pretty good solo anyway :p Makes me think I have yet to import her latest CD. I don't remember who the other singer was for a moment.. but I know there was a second one since after all, it was based on the anime and they switch singers at one point.

    @Dramus : Long time no see :p I often think the same for Japanese, but mainly because of all the shmups I play lol. They usually don't have much in terms of story, but some of them are a bit more complex and understanding them would help greatly (∀kashicverse comes to mind).
    It isn't that I don't want to write long blogs, I think that would be nearly impossible to do anyway lol, but more that I should better control my time spent on doing so. I think you've read enough of my blogs in the past to know that I always have to reply to everyone, comment on everything my friends list post, and what not lol :p
    Posted Apr 24, 2013

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