â„‹ey-ho everyone, honestly writing an introduction is nearly as hard as stopping to play video games, but let’s get started..

My name is Jenna, online mostly known as Raaiinbow and I’m 22 years old. I’m just a german, redhead girl that enjoys playing games in her freetime pretty much. You are welcome to follow me question through life and try not to die. ᵔᴥᵔ

I’m joining NoobFeed as Brand Manager, I’m really excited to grow with this position and looking forward for what time is gonna bring for both sides!

Mainly I play League of Legends, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2. Next to those I play any genre and whatever I enjoy, mostly I’m just missing the time to play all the games I own on Steam or any other platform. I’m a bit of a slow learner, so me playing new games is mostly running around with out a plan. For anyone enjoying watching a noob getting lost in games, you will for sure enjoy my Twitch where I stream my adventures every now and then. At the moment I don’t have set times for streaming, but I keep you updated on Twitter and my Discord when I go live. In general I’m an open person, which is a bit shy in the beginning but mostly fun to be around. I would say people like talking to me, since I’m a good listener and always really supportive (that’s probably why my main role in League of Legends is Support). Mostly I enjoy playing games with friends or viewers (which I mostly consider as friends too), so I mainly play online games, but I also enjoy some solo games from time to time.

꧁ See ya' all soon ê§‚


https://twitter.com/Raaaiiinbow • https://www.twitch.tv/raaiinbow • https://www.instagram.com/raaiinbow
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  • Welcome @Raaiinbow Looking forward to see you streaming.
    Posted Jun 01, 2019
  • Most streamers play online games like you. But they are big headache when team is bad. All the best with your new job and welcome to NoobFeed.
    Posted Jun 01, 2019
  • Welcome welcome welcome.
    Posted Jun 02, 2019
  • Thank you @JohnSnow i'm looking forward to welcome you in my streams ^-^
    Also @Psylocke I hope I won't be a headache to anyone :P thank you!
    Thank you @Nilin , looking forward to be here

    I hope you liked it @Alicia , i'm new to all of this but I hope I can be a good voice/face for NoobFeed :)
    Posted Jun 02, 2019
  • I watched the video you have uploaded today. About time NF got someone to speak for them.
    Posted Jun 02, 2019

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