Designing the environment and atmosphere of your home is not only useful but also extremely interesting. This is why games that have an interior design aspect are so popular. With them, gamers can succumb to a creative impulse without any damage to resources and wallets. Most often these are mobile applications, and many of them are free.

This year we all spent much more time at home than usual, so the issue of interior design has become closer to many. The games on our list will allow you to make your dreams come true and check any ideas for your home. Thanks to the variety of themes and styles, everyone will certainly find something for themselves. Find out which titles can satisfy your creative hunger!

Best Videogames, Interior Designers

House Flipper

House Flipper is perfect for fans of TV shows, whose characters buy old houses at auctions to rebuild them beyond recognition. So from a dilapidated ruin, as a result, a real palace is obtained.

As the game progresses, you spend money buying larger and larger houses, restoring them, selling them, and starting over. Ever wanted to try your hand at interior restoration? The title is perfect for this purpose!

Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox

While there are divided opinions about Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox, the concept of this game is unique: it allows you to create your own furniture. Make practical and useful items like tables and chairs, or let your imagination run wild by doing something truly insane.

No matter how daring your idea is, Home Improvisation will help you bring it to life on the screen. This furniture sandbox has an incredible assortment of details for every taste.

For your creative inspiration, you can go to New York Furniture Outlets that has a wide assortment of furniture designs of all types and styles.

Design My Room

In this mobile game, you can design a house, shop, and many other establishments. Also, various challenges and a storyline campaign are waiting for you on behalf of a novice designer.

Another great thing about Design My Room is its active community: you can share design tips and check out other players' designs. Maybe some of them will give you inspiration.

Redecor - Home Design Game

In this game, you will find daily challenges in the form of redesigning a certain room in a given style. Players then vote on designs created by other users around the world that look like photographs of real rooms.

The title will open up a whole new world of design for you, as you will need to go beyond your usual ideas and explore new styles that you never thought of before.

Home Design: Caribbean Life

Looking to design the perfect vacation spot? Then we advise you to check out this mobile game, which takes place in the Caribbean.

The title consists of several episodes with accompanying mini-games, which are quite fun themselves. Train your mindfulness and design new designs along the way in this free app, which you can download to your phone right now.

Kawaii Home Design

This title offers a less realistic interior design, but many people like its unique format. Players are faced with the task of rearranging furniture in accordance with the client's requests, adding zest in the form of their own creative solutions.

In the future, new outfits for the characters are also unlocked, and public polls will determine which of the players, according to the audience, coped with the task best.

My Home Makeover - Design Your Dream House

Imagining ourselves as fabulously rich, each of us was building a dream house in our thoughts. No matter how unattainable this goal may be in reality, My Home Makeover will help to achieve it in the virtual world.

Players help wealthy clients realize their dreams by rebuilding, renovating various houses and rooms. You need to solve three-in-a-row puzzles to earn coins to spend on new design opportunities.

Home Maker: Design Home Dream Home Decorating Game

If you prefer games without the obligatory puzzles, then check out this title with a surprisingly relaxing atmosphere.

Try yourself as an interior designer, who has to think over the style of various rooms and earn large fees. The game also has a voting system for the best design and daily challenges, by participating in which you can dramatically improve your projects.

House Flip with Chip and Jo

If you are crazy about building rework, you will surely love this Chip and Joanna game. Buy houses, transform them with a limited supply of funds, and ultimately profit from the sale.

In addition to repairs and redecoration, you also manage financial transactions, so the benefit of a particular transaction is entirely up to you.

Best Videogames, Interior Designers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Compared to other themed titles, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not as detailed in terms of interior design, but in addition to your own home, you can also design an entire island.

As you open up new possibilities in a relaxed pace of play, sooner or later you will receive a six-room house and a tool to remodel the island. Work on the furnishings of your home and change the surrounding landscape along the way.

Home Fantasy: Home Design Game

In terms of realism, this game is inferior to some of the titles on the list, but it is no less fun to play. There are no puzzles here, but the cute design easily finds its way into the hearts of players.

The app is constantly being updated as new styles and furnishings are added. We bet you would also like to purchase something from the local range for your home?


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