The beauty of the gaming experience in 2023 is that you do not necessarily need to buy a specific device to enjoy your favorite games. There are so many outstanding consoles, laptops, and custom computers that you can set up to experience the best games.

Whether you choose an organized cloud plan that allows you to stream games onto your computer, or you stick with a console, or you invest in a pre-built PC, you can have a fantastic gaming experience.

The question that many console gamers ask is whether they can easily transition to PC gaming. Perhaps they have read about the lower prices of games on PC, the lack of monthly fees for playing online, or the flexibility of playing their favorite titles at higher graphical settings.

We have put together a comprehensive guide that explains the different ways that you can transition to playing games on a laptop or desktop computer. Below is our guide to becoming a PC gamer if you only have experience playing on consoles.

Xbox Games on a Windows PC

Play Xbox Games on a Windows PC

If you already own a computer that has solid specifications, you may be able to play some console games on your Windows PC. You can do so on a laptop or desktop that has Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed on it. All you have to do to enjoy such an experience is install the Microsoft Xbox app on your computer.

Using the app, you can sign into the same account you use on your Xbox. Then you can check out the games that are available for you to download. Most of your purchased titles should be on the list, while you can always buy other games to play on your computer through the store within the app.

Use a Games Streaming Service

Companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, and others have game streaming services that you can enjoy. While gamers may still be disappointed at the shutdown of the Google Stadia service, there are available alternatives that you will appreciate on your computer.

The advantage of using a game streaming service is that you do not need to buy an entirely new computer. You can use any modern desktop or laptop, even if it has an integrated graphics card. There are even Chromebooks that you can buy for a few hundred dollars to run a games streaming service through the web.

Invest in a Gaming PC

Those gamers who want the very best experience may have to invest their money in a gaming PC. Even in this area, you do have several options. You can invest in a high-end laptop that includes a discrete graphics card. There is also the option of buying a pre-built desktop computer, which you can place on your desk for gaming at home or in your dorm.

A final option, which many PC gamers choose, is to build your own computer. Such a process involves buying each component of the computer and then putting it together yourself. While such an endeavor may appear to have a lot of complications, you can easily set up a new computer this way by following YouTube videos and online guides.

The advantage of building a gaming PC is that you can choose the specific components that fit your use case. For instance, if you want to play games and run heavy computer programs on the device, then you will invest in both a high-end CPU and graphics card.

When you are able to put together your ultimate gaming PC, you can play your favorite titles in 1440p or 4K resolution. You may even be able to achieve 120 frames per second, which ensures that your games look and feel a lot smoother. If you play competitive games, such as first-person shooters, a higher frame rate may even give you a competitive advantage.

Sales on PC Games

Look Out for Sales on PC Games

One of the reasons that PC gaming is so popular is that prices for games are a lot lower compared to console titles. If you were to compare the prices of games that came out several months or years ago, you would notice that PC titles go on sale much more often and faster.

Even if you have to put in an initial investment of buying a gaming PC and a few PC-exclusive games, you will probably save money in the long run. Most PC gamers note that they can save anywhere from 50 to 75 percent on each game they buy, compared to console prices for the same or similar games.

Finding deals on PC games is easier as compared to console titles because there are countless marketplaces where you can procure digital versions of games. If you own an Xbox or PlayStation, you are beholden to their proprietary stores, which have set prices. With a PC, you can buy games on Steam, GOG, Origin, and other platforms.


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