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Quick tips for Dead Cells

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Aug 2018

Dead Cells is a quick and unforgiving roguelike adventure that will test your mettle and skills. After spending hours playing this intense game we have some great tips to aid in your journey. A noob guide for newbies.

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Health potions are limited and require time to use. You do not regenerate health and can use your health potion once per run in the beginning but can use it multiple times if you upgrade it. Food is available but these items are rare and only regenerate a small portion of your health.

Using Dead Cells are mandatory. Each level ends with a safe room where you choose 1 mutator and refill your health, but before all that you must spend all your Dead Cells. It's important to invest in one skill at a time since each upgrade can require up to 300 cells.

Invest in one scroll powerup immediately before others. The scrolls littered around the stage are the most important items since they power up damage, health, and tactical items. If you invest into a single skill enough you'll get a bonus that can prove critical in surviving the harder stages.

Remeber to pick up large money drops. Dead Cells is weird with money drops, small drops are automatically picked up but larger amounts must be manually obtained. It's easy to lose track of specific drops and since money serves as the primary way to purchase one-time upgrades from the market and open specific doors you're going to want all the money you can get.

Explore and take chances in Dead Cells. This game is all about momentum and speed. Killing targets quickly will not only yield Dead Cells and money but grant Prisoner a boost in speed if you're quick enough. Since certain doors are timed this extra boost could lead to great items in the later stages.

Debuffs are your best friends in Dead Cells. Fire and ice grenades are some of the most helpful items in the game since not only can they do damage over time but also slow enemies down. For bosses and elite enemies, these items become life saviors.

Notice specific themes in each level. While it may seem they're completely random, and they are to a degree, levels follow a specific pattern. For example, the Ramparts ending has always been underground.

So those are our tips for Dead Cells. Remember that you will die but what's important is that you keep trying. It's beatable, it just requires time.

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