Assassin's Creed Odyssey The Fate of Atlantis Episode 3 has you facing a lot of Isus but one of the final boss fights is a literal superweapon. Crafted by Juno and her husband from the bodies of humans, which is how they made the other beasts Alexios' has killed, but also the most powerful enemy in their laboratory. Called Hekatonchires, this monster just wants to kill and yearns for death.

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The creature is a collection of mutated humans and giant arms. The creature as 3 primary attacks; throwing humans that explode in toxic clouds that remain on the field if they close enough, powerful physical arm strikes, and leaping onto the ceiling and breaking rocks to fall on you.

You can a couple of ways to take down Hekatonchires. The first, if you're confident, is a straight melee charge. If you have the ability to slow down time when performing a perfect dodge, you can exploit Hekatonchires' large size and quick strikes. But be aware that Hekatonchires can send out a poison cloud, if it starts shaking its body move away. The poison is deadly and remains attached to Alexios for a long time.

Next is ranged. You cannot hit its head since it's guarded by a plate of metal but its body is a huge target. When attacking from far Hekatonchires will start to throw mutated humans at you. You can kill these humans before they get close or saturate the field. When they close they'll explode into a toxic cloud that remains on the field. If killed this will not happen.

After dealing enough damage, Hekatonchires will retreat to the ceiling. Avoid the falling brinks and get ready for it to charge, if caught it'll cause massive damage. If you happen to have the Achilles armor set you can recover health with each strike, making this fight much easier.

Keep up the assault and Hekatonchires will fall.

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