Horizon Forbidden West The Twilight Path

Find out about the cult in the hills

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Mar 2022

After exiling Ulvund from the settlement new missions will open up, such as The Twilight Path. This mission allows you to see a different perspective of the cult created by the previous Sun King.

If you want more context make sure to speak to Tolland Cleanbroker in the settlement before heading up. He'll tell you that he's planning to raid the cult because he shot down a Stormbird that happened to land on a tower. He went to claim his prize but the cult refused to allow him to pass. Tolland is waiting for the cult to die out since they lack resources to maintain their settlement but his patience is wearing thin.

Head up and you'll find the cult battling the machines. help them and you'll learn they came from the cult from the previous Sun King and even joined the Eclipse. They're non-violent but refuse to return to Madrian since Avid killed his father. Their leader the Sun Priest Savohar left to mediate where the Stormbird died but hasn't returned.

Using the focus head up and follow the path, destroying the machines in the way. You can use the elevation to pick the weaker ones off using precision shots.

Once done you'll find Savohar dying but still meditating in hopes to be granted a vision to aid his people. Unfortunately, he's not moving, climb up the tower and grab the Stormbird heart. Savohar will die from his wounds once you reach him, head down to find Tolland is about to kill everyone. You can choose to end him by choosing the aggressive answer but choose the heart option to end things peacefully.

Aloy will give Lokasha the bad news and the Stormbird heart. You can find her and her people in the nearby settlement after a few missions in a better place.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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