Horizon Forbidden West Shadow in the West Guide

Defeat the last of the Eclipse

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Mar 2022

Aloy knows the location of the final Eclipse and now you must stop them.

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Once inside the camp you must kill all the guards, at this point Yef, a slave within the camp, will set down a ladder to let you inside. Follow the path and at the end is an opening for the base. Kill everyone and destroy all the machines, once inside free the slaves.

Now comes the boss fight Vezreh has a Ravager on his side and it isn't easy to take down. Located around are blaze containers and above suspended floors, you can knockdown. Use the pillars as protection and chip away at the machine's health. If you knock the machine gun off the Ravager it'll make everything else easier.

Vezreh is an easy enough fight, just chip away at his health by using the environment for cover. Make sure to loot the Ravager as Vezreh will blow the area once he's defeated. 

Outside you can find Yef, who will appear in Plainsong afterward and speak to him to end the mission. You can find audio logs in the right room, make sure to knock open the vent on the left side of the room to locate the rest.

If you head back to Barren Light you can tell Rayad the good news as well.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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