3 Improvements Overwatch Desperately Needs

Overwatch could use some improvements

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Jan 2017

Overwatch has been an incredible success, sporting more than 25 million players and keeping gamers coming back with special events. The developers have been frequently updating the game to accommodate balancing issues between heroes and banning cheaters, however, the game could use some improvements.


Mercenary Mode

Overwatch is a team-based PvP game where teamwork is essential to victory which leads to a lot of players grouping with other friends and players to better communicate. However, some of us are unable to gather a group of players and are usually forced to endure the humiliating defeat as organized players lay waste of the opposition. Quitting is an option but too many and you're penalized for not taking the agonizing defeat. Allowing players to choose to face either organized teams or solo players should be implemented to give gamers playing alone a better chance at victory and enjoy playing the game. 


Popular Choice

The rotation of maps and modes in Overwatch help keeps things diverse, but some players prefer specific maps or modes to others. What I'm requesting isn't a search for a specific map or mode but a preference option for prioritizing what maps and modes the player wants to play. 


Challenge Specific Unlocks

I love playing as Reaper and Solider 76 but since crates are random, and rarely unlock my preferred heroes items, I usually end up with an array of items I never wanted. Other than achievements/trophies there's little desire to continue playing as my favorite heroes since I already unlocked their character specific achievements/trophies. Offering challenges that provide experience boost, similar to other competitive games, and unique unlocks when completed will give players more desire to test other heroes but also gain progress with their favorite heroes. 

Those are some of the changes we hope will come to Overwatch. What changes would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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