Best On-Going Games of 2017

Developers continuing to support older games

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Dec 2017

It's always nice to get the latest new game. A fresh adventure to undertake and something never played before has incredible allure. However, some developers are keen on supporting older titles to keep the community growing and gamers busy. Here are the best on-going games of 2017.



It's hard to believe that Overwatch is over a year old but Blizzard isn't done supporting the game. Recently, the developers released a new hero, Moria, and started this year's Winter Wonderland event with a unique mode featuring Mei and Winston.

The support for Overwatch won't stop next year. Blizzard has confirmed that they plan to release new cosmetics for 2018 and judging from this and last year Blizzard will continue to host timed events for special skins, emotes, and more.

Final Fantasy XV,Square Enix,NoobFeed,

Final Fantasy XV

It took over 10 years to developed but Final Fantasy XV, for the most part, made the wait worth it. Since its release, Square Enix has updated the game with new bosses, timed-events, Episodic DLC packages featuring Noctis' friends, and a multiplayer mode called Comrades. The recent DLC package, Episode Ignis, has become the highest rated expansion so far. For being a single-player focused game Final Fantasy XV has had a lot of variety in terms of its expansions.

Rainbow Six Siege,NoobFeed,Ubisoft,

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's launch wasn't large. It relied heavily on multiplayer and the servers weren't reliable. However, Ubisoft didn't lose hope. Over the months the developers behind the tactical shooter have updated the game with new expansions, maps, and Infiltrators. This has dramatically risen the player count over the month in the millions. 

Like Overwatch, Ubisoft isn't stopping this year. They've already released information detailing Season 3's Season Pass that promises to deliver more content. 

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