The Wonderful 101 Demo Now Available, Features Hidden Member

New demo for The Wonderful 101 now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Nov 2020

Those yet to try The Wonderful 101 can now do so on PS4, Switch, and PC with the Wonder-Size Cadet Demo that includes a hidden member Wonder-Bayonetta.

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The member can be unlocked right at the beginning of the demo and has a unique Unite Morph that fires 4 guns at once with a larger radius, just draw Unite Gun. In addition, Wonder-Bayonetta can trigger Witch Time and Summon Gomorrah for a special dodge maneuver.

Bayonetta isn't the only member joining as Rodin and Jeanne are also available by inputting the codes UMBRANGIFT and ANGELSLAYERS.

The patch, now available to everyone, will feature demo save transfer, fixes bugs, and adds Wonderful Code that unlocks secrets by entering official codes.

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Platform(s): PS4, Switch, PC, WII
Publisher(s): Nintendo, PlatinumGames
Developer(s): PlatinumGames
Genres: Action-Adventure
Themes: Fantasy
Release Date: 2013-08-23

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