Warframe The New War Coming this Year, Cross-Play And Mobile Release Confirmed

Warframe getting a massive update anew more content

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Jul 2021

Today was TennoCon 2021 and Digitial Extremes released a huge amount of information about Warframe. Releasing the upcoming The New War expansion coming this 2021, cross-play, cross saving, mobile version, and much more.


The New War will arrive on all platforms. 

“Community is incredibly important to us and openingup Cross Play andCross Save is just one of many more efforts we’lltake on to bring moreplayers together including extending Warframe’s fast,fluid, action combatexperience to other global gaming platforms,” saidSheldon Carter, ChiefOperating Officer at DE. “We are at the very beginningof thenext-generation of Warframe. We are eight years youngand have thebenefit of beginning our second console generationwith a major gameexpansion that will also mark a new chapter of morestory-based content ourplayers have been asking for.”

Nidus Prime was revealed during the in-game Delay event and will arrive in the next Prime Access this Summer. Caliban is the new Warframe and will arrive with The New War.


Nightwave Intermission 3 will end this July 28th, with the 4th part starting this August 4th. Called Nora's Choice players will be drawn back into weekly challenges with new rewards.

The mobile release of Warframe is in development and is functional. However, no release date has been provided. Most likely we're looking at a 2022 release and probably a testing period. Which would be ideal for any game of this size.

And this is just for 2021. Imagine what Digital Extremes has in store for 2022? For now, this content update will provide weeks of challenges to overcome and loot to obtain.

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