Horizon Multiplayer Has Been Confirmed

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that there will be a multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe at some point in the future.

By LCLupus, Posted 17 Dec 2022

Guerrilla Games has been producing games with a single-player focus for years. While Killzone 3 may have had a multiplayer mode, it was never where the majority of the attention went. The same is true of the company’s current games. The Horizon franchise is known for its open-world single-player experiences, but that is set to be supplemented with some multiplayer action a few years into the future.

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This multiplayer news was “announced” in a job listing that Guerrilla posted on Twitter, and the listing posts open positions in animation, art design, animation, programming, and writing. Additionally, seeing as the writing positions include jobs for game writer, narrative designer, and principal writer, it should serve as further confirmation that there will be some sort of a narrative component to this multiplayer mode.

The online mode is only described in minimal detail in this listing: “A new internal team is developing a separate Online Project set in Horizon’s universe. Featuring a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look, friends will be able to explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together.”

This tiny piece of information is all we have to go on at present, but it should be a good indication of the overall direction that the online mode will likely take. The above quote suggests that this online mode will be more cooperative rather than competitive in nature, although that is only speculation at present. The quote explicitly states that we will be able to “explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together,” which all but confirms a cooperative component, but does not necessarily exclude a competitive one.

For those concerned about Guerrilla moving towards multiplayer games, you shouldn’t worry. As if to preempt any concerns, the very first line in the listing states: “We are continuing to create epic solo adventures for Aloy. But there is more.”

We should get a new single-player follow up to Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West in the coming years, but we’ll also get some multiplayer action. It should be interesting to see what Guerrilla decides to do to bring this single-player experience to a multiplayer audience.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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