Dead Cells Reaches 10 Million Copies Sold

Beloved rogue-lite Dead Cells is one of the most successful indie games on the market.

By Elysian, Posted 05 Jun 2023

Dead Cells is one of the most beloved rogue-lite, Metroidvania games on the market. Indie developers Evil Empire and Motion Twin announced today that, In the six years since its early access launch on Steam, Dead Cells has sold 10 million copies, making it one of the most successful indie games ever.

Despite the game’s success, there has yet to be an announced sequel, with developers more focused on releasing DLC and content packs. Since Dead Cells’ official release on PC and consoles in 2018, 34 free updates have been released, including large content packs which added numerous weapons, enhancements and items, extra levels, new enemies and large crossover events.


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Four paid DLC packs have also been released including the recent Return to Castlevania DLC, which was produced in collaboration with Konami. Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, which was released on 6 March 2023, is regarded highly amongst fans of the genre, and incorporates Castlevania weapons, music and character skins into Dead Cells, as well as a new storyline and boss fights.

Following the success of the newest DLC, Evil Empire has confirmed that they will be continuing to support Dead Cells until at least the end of 2024. In a statement, Evil Empire said: “With years of successful updates and expansions behind it after taking over live ops of Dead Cells in 2019, the studio is tinkering with its time-tested methodology, experimenting with ideas for future updates and new ways for fans to enjoy one of their favorite roguelikes.”

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