The PC Version of Starfield Has a Rather Strange Requirement

Bethesda has recently shown the PC requirement for their upcoming Sci-fi RPG, Starfield.

By DShelley, Posted 12 Jun 2023

Starfield has arguably become one of the most highly anticipated games to come from Bethesda Games Studios. However, despite all the excitement surrounding the title, it would be in players’ best interest to check their hardware requirements before buying the game as the game has a rather unusual requirement. That requirement being that players will need a solid-state drive (SSD) if they want to play the sci-fi RPG.

We learned about the game's spec requirements during the Starfield Direct event, which took place shortly after the Xbox Showcase that was held on 11 June 2023. The showcase was a chance for gamers to learn more about upcoming titles that will be coming to the Xbox platform, including Starfield. We learned many things about Bethesda's upcoming RPG, including that Starfield will feature post-launch DLCs in the form of DLC expansions. We also got a chance to see the ship customization as well as skill trees.

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As you are probably well aware, Starfield will be an Xbox exclusive title, however, this does still mean that PC players will also be able to play the game. Despite this, the PC requirements that were shown off during the Starfield Direct are nothing too extreme except for one rather odd requirement. During the Direct it was revealed that if players wanted to be able to play Starfield, they would need an SSD. This sadly does mean that the game won't run on an old fashioned mechanical hard drive (HDD). This doesn't mean that players will need to get a state-of-the-art SSD, but according to reports from DSO Gaming, a "normal" SATA SSD should suffice.

Despite not requiring that extreme of an SSD, it does show a worrisome direction that modern AAA gaming is taking, with modern games requiring more and more powerful hardware to run the game. However, even with the hardware requirements in mind, many fans were excited about that DLC expansion that was mentioned earlier, as well as, to be expected, that Starfield will be coming to Xbox Gamepass on day one. Gamepass has become a godsend to many and it is likely with Starfield releasing on the platform, that it will see a sharp uptick in users on the day of the game's launch.

There is plenty of excitement surrounding Starfield as it is the first major RPG release we've seen from Bethesda in quite some time but that hasn't quelled fans near constant questions about the next entry into The Elder Scrolls series, Elder Scrolls 6. We last heard about The Elder Scrolls 6 way back in E3 2018 and since then, fans have been dying to know more about Skyrim's successor. With the release of Starfield inching closer and closer, it very likely we will hear more about the game after the release of Starfield

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